Prepaid Wireless Questions & Answers!

Do you have prepaid wireless questions?  Prepaid, also known as no contract wireless, can get more complicated than many people might think!  If you've explored this website and still have questions, many people have submitted questions that might be exactly what you're looking for.  Below you can find them organized by category for your convenience.

If you don't find what you're looking for, and still have a question, please visit the Prepaid Wireless Questions page and submit your question.  Please note, however, that if you submit a question that has already been answered, I won't be able to respond.  I hope you can understand that while I greatly appreciate you reaching out to me, unfortunately I don't have time to answer the same questions more than once.

Are you a no contract wireless guru?  Do you want to contribute to this site and help others with their prepaid wireless questions?  If so, please feel free to click on any of the questions below and provide your response!

What's The Difference Between Month-To-Month Versus Prepaid Wireless?
Prepaid Wireless Phone To Replace Landline?
Minutes Are Not Supposed To Expire
Prepay Without Losing Minutes?
Roaming With Prepaid Phones
Problems With Prepaid Wireless Voicemail
Best Prepaid Wireless Plan
Cell Old Cell Phones
Cellular Phone Plan Prepaid Shopping
What are your preferred ways to pay?
Is prepaid only for the credit challenged?
Pre-paid Phones and Privacy
Unwanted Incoming Calls
Cell Phone Tracking
Prepaid AT&T on Old T-Mobile Phone
How to Add Money Anonymously to a Friend's Account
Postpaid vs. Prepaid Fees
Prepaid Wireless Number Portability
Illegal Immigrants and Prepaid Cellphones
Prospective Seller of Prepaid Wireless Cards/Minutes
Prepaid vs. Contract Wireless Quality & Coverage
CDMA Prepaid Plans With Sprint Phone
Internet and controlling who they call/text
Transferring money from one prepaid wireless provider to another
Coverage in out of network areas PlatinumTel
Prepaid Broadband
Is Karma MiFi Sharing Safe?
Will 3G MiFi Be Fast Enough?
What's The Best MiFi Option For Me?
Prepaid MiFi Plan To Turn iPad Into Cell Phone
Prepaid Data Allowance Clarification
USB modem + Wireless Router vs. MiFi Hotspot?
Prepaid Wireless Pal In Canada
What Prepaid Broadband is Best for Limited Use?
AT&T USBConnect Quicksilver
PAYG Broadband
Already own a Huawei HSDPA E220 USB modem
Wireless Prepaid Broadband USB Reloading
Prepaid Cellular for Laptop
Cost of Prepaid Broadband
Broadband Internet for Laptops 
Prepaid Broadband Coverage in Mexico
Can I use Verizon USB Prepaid Broadband in a PC? 
Wireless Prepaid Internet
wireless USB modem for laptop in China
VPN for Virgin's Broadband2Go
5GB Limit for Unlimited Prepaid Plan
No Wireless Capacity - Can I Use Prepaid Internet?
Telstra Pre-Paid Wireless Broadband
USB Prepaid WiFi Cards for MAC
DA Civilian Frustrated With U.S Prepaid Internet Options
Looking for Prepaid Broadband Compatible With Mini Netbook
Virgin Broadband2Go and Linux
Smartphone vs. Dump Phone
Will my Cricket USB Modem work with a Virgin plan?
Virgin thinks my Broadband2Go MiFi is a phone
Virgin Mobile MiFi Unlimited Plan is Limited
Why won't Virgin prepaid Internet work off a Verizon CDMA tower?
Usage amount for prepaid wireless internet access
Virgin Mobile Modem Always Downloading
Keeping Virgin Mobile Broadband router plugged in 24/7
Porting Home Phone Number to Assurance Wireless
WiFi Hot Spot 3 or 4 Times Per Year
Do I need a cell phone w/ contract to get online with my laptop?

Free Cell Phone Service
Changing Assurance Wireless Phone
SafeLink Wireless Email Address
Transferring Minutes from SafeLink to LG TracFone
Free Prepaid Cellular Phones
Unemployed, Homeless Needs a Prepaid Phone
MVNO Pricing 
Verizon Phone on MVNO network
Net10 Unlimited Plan
Nextel Prepaid Wireless
Providers - i wireless
Motorola Clutch
Any Updates for Boost Mobile
Traveling Abroad
Prepaid Wireless in USA for Australian
Canadian Travelling in the USA Looking for Prepaid iPhone SIM
Prepaid Plans for Europe?
USB Internet use whilst travelling
Prepaid Netbook
Limited Smartphone Selection On No Contract Plans
Prepaid Smartphone Options

Wireless Questions

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