Motorola Clutch

by Enrique
(Spring Valley)

How can I unlock a Motorola Clutch i465 to use with Sprint Nextel??????

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Feb 08, 2010
Phone Unlock Codes
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

The short answer to your question is that you can't. HOWEVER, the phone can be unlocked to work on postpaid Nextel if you have the right unlock code. Boost will not provide you with this code, though you can always call and ask, especially if you've been with them for awhile.

The problem with unlocking prepaid phones in this manner, is that depending on how long you've been with Boost, they could lose money on you. Consider that some phones they actually subsidize, which means that they charge you less for the phone than they actually pay Motorola (in this case). Though I suspect that for the i465, that's probably not the case. There's also distribution costs, spiffs to dealers for activating phones, etc., that the company needs to recover before they actually start making money. Believe it or not, sometimes, depending on the phone and plan you use, it can actually take a number of months to break even.

Many prepaid carriers also have issues with dealers unlocking phones and sending them to countries abroad with compatible networks. They can often make a lot more money selling them abroad than activating them in the U.S. This costs carriers millions and millions of dollars, and there have been lawsuits against such perpetrators; the carrier almost always wins, and some people have even gone to jail for it, as this type of reselling is not allowed under their distributor agreement.

I do know that during the Christmas holiday season, Boost employees are given the opportunity to order phones and get unlock codes for their friends and family so that they can use the phones on postpaid plans. Outside of that, I don't know how one would legitimately get an unlock code from Boost Mobile without having access to an employee.

There are plentiful sites out there that you can research to find unlock codes. As I want prepaid wireless to grow, and to provide customers with better and better value, I don't want to share details regarding exactly how to find these such places; suffice it to say that you can go to your local wireless dealer, and probably find out a lot of information that might help you.

I do, however, believe that there are legitimate reasons to want/need to unlock a phone, and people in these situations should be able to. Many postpaid carriers will provide you with the code once you've fulfilled your contract with them; some will charge a nominal fee. This applies more to postpaid phones, but CellUnlock is kind of a cool site that allows you to purchase unlock codes. I didn't find the i465 on the site though, as they appear to be only for postpaid carriers.

If you do end up finding something that meets your needs, please do let us know!

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