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Are you looking to compare prepaid plans?  There are just so many prepaid providers and plans out there now that it's extremely frustrating and time consuming to compare them all!  Really, who has time to do all of that research and analysis just to choose one plan for yourself!  So what I've done is compile the major providers and plans for you!  Now all you have to do is review the information that's displayed in an easy-to-compare tabular format.  To make it as painless as possible to compare the available plans, I've organized them by plan type; you'll find links to each plan type in the colored table at the bottom of the page.

I constantly monitor the news and company websites to catch any changes to plans and pricing, and update these tables as quickly as possible.  Please note that I've chosen both the major and smaller prepaid wireless providers that I believe have the best offers.  There are definitely other wireless providers out there that aren't included in these prepaid comparison charts.  I've chosen to exclude some of them because I either don't believe that they offer the best value, or they are simply too small to have the credibility to make them appropriate to recommend.  i.e. They could disappear at any time!  I do list the smaller, but still Interesting Prepaid Providers to ensure you still have access to a comprehensive resource.

As I've mentioned, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your choices if you don't already have one or two prepaid wireless providers in mind, particularly if you're completely new to no contract wireless.  Here are some questions you can ask yourself that will be helpful as you start to compare prepaid plans:
  • How often do you plan on using your phone?  Everyday, every few days, or just once in awhile?  Your answer to this question will help you either include or exclude the per minute and daily plans.  That potentially knocks out two categories right away!  These days I expect that people that fit into these categories will be pretty minimal given how pervasive phones are.
  • If you plan on using your phone regularly, how many minutes do you think you'll use?  Do you make quick "I'm on my way" type of calls, or do you chat for awhile with close friends and family?  Or do you mostly text and using other messenger apps (ex. Facebook)?  This will help you determine whether you want an unlimited plan or simply a bundle of minutes.  Multiplying your estimated daily number of minutes by 30 is the easiest way to estimate your monthly needs.  Keep in mind that most people overestimate what they need.  If you're able to track your actual usage for a week, that would give you a much better estimate.  Or, if you have a postpaid plan, you can review your last few bills.
  • How much can you afford to spend each month, or how much are you willing to spend on wireless service?
  • How much data do you use?  Are you near WiFi a lot?  If so, you may be able to get away with 1-2GB.  If not, and if you stream video, you may need 5-10GB instead.
  • Do you want Mobile Hotspot functionality, which lets you turn your phone into a WiFi hotspot so you can connect your laptop, tablet, or other electronic device to get Internet access?  Some carriers include this, some charge you extra for it, and others don't offer it at all.
After you compare prepaid plans and narrow down the provider(s) and plan(s) that interest you most, please use the links provided within each table to review the carrier's website directly to make sure that you take advantage of any current special offers, as well as check their coverage maps to verify that their service will work where you live, work, and play the most.  Also, some plans and/or prices are only offered in certain areas (usually at the State level), so please be sure to link to the company's website and enter your zip code to make sure they meets your needs.  I continuously update these prepaid comparison charts, so please check back regularly!  To learn about the evolution of plan types, check out Prepaid Cellular Phone Services, and for heavy smartphone data users, be sure to educate yourself on Wireless Data Throttling!

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