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Daily plans are definitely a dying breed, so enjoy them while you can!  Wireless providers much prefer to lock you into a monthly plan.  Keep in mind that most daily plans now charge you everyday, regardless of whether or not you actually use your phone.  Carriers that only charge you on days you use your phone are few and far between given the much lower revenue opportunity they offer wireless providers.  It's highly likely that this plan type will ultimately become extinct, so enjoy them while you can!  Use the comparison chart below to zone in on the plan/provider that best meets your needs.

I constantly monitor the news and company websites to catch any changes to plans and pricing, and update this table asap.  If you're looking to understand more about this plan type, you can learn more at the Daily Plans page.

Provider Plans Notes
AT&T GoPhone
AT&T Daily Plans
$2/day - Unlimited Talk & Text


Feature Phones:

  • Charged only on days used.
  • International texting for $0.25/msg sent, $0.15/msg received.
Ready Mobile
Ready Wireless Daily Plans

[Sprint Network]
$10 (3 days) - Unlimited Talk & Text
$15 (7 days) - 
Unlimited Talk & Text
T-Mobile Pay-As-You-Go
$5 (1 day) - Unlimited Talks & Text, 500MB
$10 (7 days) - Unlimited Talk & Text, 1GB
  • Charged on days used, or per period.

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Compare Daily Plans

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