Prepaid Wireless Plans

Choosing amongst all of the prepaid wireless plans out there is no easy task.  Selecting a phone on the other hand is pretty easy for most of us.  The specifications are clear, you can pick it up (if you're in a store), look at it and feel it.  And if you're shopping online, you can view a ton of closeup images, including 3D views that make it super easy to get a good feel for what the phone is going to be like.  It's easy and even fun!  But picking a prepaid plan is definitely much harder.

When prepaid wireless first started, the plans were pretty straight forward to understand.  They were priced on a per minute basis, that's it, done.  Now that prepaid wireless is no longer the second class citizen of the wireless industry, with popularity and demand comes the need for more options and flexibility for us, the customers.  Unfortunately, what this also means is that it can be extremely confusing, and even overwhelming to figure out the differences between plans and the pros and cons of each.  But don't worry, one important function of this site is to offer you help in this process (and of course all of the information on this site is FREE for you to read, learn, and share!).

There are now prepaid wireless plans that cater to virtually every type of need and every type of customer.  Simple pay-per-minute "classic" prepaid wireless plans are no longer the norm, and many prepaid wireless providers don't even offer them anymore!  There are essentially four major plan categories:
  1. Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)
  2. Monthly Plans (Bucket/Hybrid)
  3. Daily Plans
  4. Unlimited Wireless

On the links above, you'll find a great overview of the different plan types.  There is actually a LOT more details that I don't even get into.  I could write five to ten pages on each of these plan types, but rather than bore you, I've included only what I believe to be the most critical pieces of each plan.  If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to Contact me!

If you already have a general idea of what these different plan categories are, you may want to simply jump right into comparing available plans.  Follow the links below to take you to detailed comparison tables for each type of plan.  Please don't let the large tables scare you off.  Once you start looking at some basic features that you know meet your needs, you'll find that there are only a small handful of providers and plans that you'll find the most interesting.  Going into the selection process, try to have in mind how many minutes you tend to use on a daily basis, and multiply that by 30 to estimate the number of monthly minutes you'll need.  Also, have a monthly payment amount in mind that you can afford or are willing to spend.  With these two items in mind, I think you'll find that the process isn't really all that bad.

Compare PAYG Plans

Compare Daily Plans

Compare Monthly Plans

Compare Unlimited Plans

You can also check out a summary of different prepaid Wireless Providers and the plan types provided by each, or to learn about the evolution of plan types, check out Prepaid Cellular Phone Services.  Also, if you're interested in smartphones, you can can learn about how to choose the one that best meets your needs by visiting the Best Smarpthone section.

Prepaid Wireless Plans

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