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Are you looking to compare monthly plans?  Prepaid monthly plans have a lot of value to offer!  Please use the comparison chart below to compare monthly plans and zone in on the plan/provider that may best meet your needs.

I constantly monitor the news and company websites to catch any changes to plans and pricing, and update this table within a matter of days.  Please note that I've chosen to compare monthly plans that I believe have the best offers, but definitely not every single one of them.  There are others out there that aren't included in this plan comparison chart, but I've chosen to exclude them because I don't believe they offer the best value, or are too small to be considered as a mainstream recommendation.  To learn more about this plan type, please visit the Monthly Plans page.

Provider Plans Notes
FreedomPop free Phone Service

[Sprint Network]
$0.00 - 200 min, 500 txt, 500MB
$6.67 - Unlimited Talk & Txt, 500MB
$19.99 - Unlimited Talk & Txt, 1GB

Family Plans
[Unlimited Talk & Text]
$5 - 1GB
$20 - 2GB
$40 - 4GB
$80 - 10GB
$165 - 25GB
  • Option 2 is billed annually at $79.99.
  • Add-on option for rollover, hotspot, visual voicemail.
  • For family plans (2-10 lines), I added the $5/month/line fee to the price, which they omit on their website until you checkout.
Kajeet For KIDS!
Kajeet Wireless Monthly Plan

[Sprint Network]
$5 - 10 min, $0.10/txt, $0.04/MB
$15 - 60 min, Unlimited txt, $0.04/MB
$20 - 150 min, Unlimited Txt, $0.04/MB
$25 - 500 min, Unlimited Txt, 500MB
$35 - 1000 min, Unlimited Txt, 1GB
$50 - Unlimitext Talk & Txt, 2GB
  • First 2 plans charge $0.25/picture msg.
  • Parental Controls included in all plans.
  • WalletManager - Allows for parents to budget spending
    ContactManager - Allows control over which numbers can be called or from which calls can be received
    TimeManager - Can enable services during certain times of the day.
  • Read Interview with Founder & CEO Daniel Neal!
Page Plus
Page Plus Monthly Plan

[Verizon Network]
$12 - 250 min, 250 txt, 10MB
$30 - 1500 min, Unlimited Txt, 1GB
  • Signup for auto refill and get a monthly discount.
  • Offer a $9 global calling card.
Ready Mobile
Ready Wireless Monthly Plan

[Sprint Network]
$10 (7 days) - 30 min
$20 (14 days) - 80 min
$30 (30 days) - 140 min
$50 (30 days) - 250 min
$75 (30 days) - 500 min
$100 (30 days) - 750 min
$150 (30 days) - 1250 min
$25 (30 days) - 500 min, 50 txt
$45 (30 days) - 900 min, 100 txt
Ready Mobile Get Ready
$20 (30 days) - 500 min, 1000 txt, 20MB
$30 (30 days) - 1000 min, 1200 txt, 30MB
TracFone Straight Talk
TracFone Straight Talk Monthly Plan

[Verizon, AT&T Networks]
$30 - 1500 min, Unlimited Txt, 100MB

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Compare Monthly Plans

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