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Is a prepaid wireless Monthly plan the best fit for your needs?  After reviewing the various plan types at the Prepaid Wireless Plans section (link at the bottom of the page), you now feel you may be the best fit for this plan type.  There's definitely no doubt that selecting the right plan type is not always an easy task.  So lets try to dig in a little more to help you ask yourself the right questions.  Here are some tips and questions to consider:Monthly Prepaid Wireless
  • You use your phone regularly and consistently (i.e. on a daily basis), and are looking for a better deal than you would get if by using PAYG.
  • You can estimate how much you talk (i.e. how many minutes you use) on a daily basis, and multiply that by 30 days to estimate the number of minutes you'll need.  Don't forget to take into account occasional long calls (ex. to close friends or family) that you may not have on a daily basis, but on a regular/monthly basis; add these minutes to your estimated monthly total.
  • You know what other services/features (ex. international calling, text messaging, Web, etc.) you use regularly.  You'll want to find a plan that takes all of your needs into consideration in addition to just voice minutes.
  • You are willing and able to budget to pay a specific amount on the same day of each cycle, and you feel comfortable organizing around making your payments on-time.  Because unlike postpaid plans or your cable bill, if you miss a payment, there's no regular bill to add it to; you're prepaid phone service simply gets shut off, which you'll definitely want to avoid!
  • Look for these things when comparing costs:
    • How many daytime minutes are included and do they rollover?  (most do NOT rollover)
    • If you go over your bucket of minutes, how much is the per minute cost?  If you don't select wisely, overages here could completely kill the value of the plan.
    • Are nights and weekends included, and if so, how many minutes are included or is it unlimited?  Also, what time do nights start (ex. 7pm or 9pm)?  Believe it or not, this two hour time difference can make a tremendous impact on how many minutes you'll need on a monthly basis.
    • What other services that are important to you are included, and if they're not, what's the cost?  The most important example is probably text messaging, and maybe Web.
    • How easy is it to change plans if you find that you've over- or under-estimated your monthly usage?  The best programs will allow you to easily switch at not cost.

This plan type can have tremendous value, so try not to immediately jump to the conclusion that an Unlimited Wireless plan is going to be the best deal for you.  This type of plan tends to be more complicated to understand what's included, and how the details work, however, if selected properly, they can meet your needs very well and actually be cheaper than a lot of Unlimited plans.  The upfront work at this point will definitely be worthwhile!

If you're ready, head over to Compare Monthly Plans now!

Otherwise, return to the Prepaid Wireless Plans section to explore the other plan types.
Monthly Plans

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