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Welcome to the Wireless Executive Interviews!  Here you'll find a list of interviews that Prepaid-Wireless-Guide.com has conducted with experts in the prepaid wireless industry.  These are unique, original interviews granted through direct relationships with Prepaid-Wireless-Guide.com.  Prepaid wireless is a fiercely competitive industry that continues to grow rapidly.  Interestingly, due to the real time nature of prepaid services (i.e. no bills), theWireless Executive interviews services and technologies behind them are often even more complex than classic postpaid technologies.  As a result, people working in prepaid wireless have unique, and often rare skill sets.

As a result of this unique industry, I thought that offering visitors to the site the opportunity to hear from industry leaders would be an invaluable addition.  These prepaid executive interviews also provide prepaid providers the opportunity to speak directly to their targeted audience, allowing them to share their thoughts, insights, and visions.  I know that I enjoyed the interview process; I hope you enjoy reading them!

Please note that while some of the interviews occurred awhile ago, they're still highly insightful, and it's very interesting to see how things actually evolved compared to what some of these execs said!

If you're a prepaid industry executive and would like to participate in an interview, please submit the form below and I will contact you to discuss the details.  On the other hand, if you're an interested visitor, and either have follow-up questions on the interviews already completed, or would like to have specific questions added to subsequent interviews with other executives, please send your questions by using the general Contact Form.

Access Wireless Free Cell Phone Service Access Wireless - Jenifer Kues, Director MarComm

Cellular Abroad Cellular Abroad - Sebastian Harrison, CEO
Embee Mobile Embee Mobile - Eric Chan, COO
GIV Mobile Prepaid Wireless Charity GIV Mobile - Omar Abhari, SVP Operations
i-wireless Kroger i-wireless - John Willis, COO

kajeet cell phones for kids kajeet Cell Phones for Kids - Daniel Neal, Founder & CEO
Millenicom 4G Prepaid Broadband Millenicom - Dennis Castle, CEO & Owner
Ready Mobile PCS Ready Mobile PCS - Fred Haumesser, Co-Founder & EVP
Interview With Fred Haumesser - Part 2

MobilityPass International Wireless Broadband MobilityPass - Bob Baker, Marketing Manager

PrepaYd Wireless PrepaYd Wireless - Josh Berman, Founder & Vice President

Red Pocket Mobile Executive Interview Red Pocket Mobile - Dean Wong, VP Business Development
RovAir Wireless - Daypass Mobile Broadband RovAir Mobile Broadband Rental - Tom Dolan, President

TalkForGood Wireless Executive Interview TalkForGood Wireless - Tom Lyons, President & CEO

TruConnect Mobile Pay-As-You-Go Broadband TruConnect Mobile - Kevin Hamilton, President & CEO

wipit Executive Interview wipit - Richard Kang, CEO & Co-Founder

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Wireless Executive Interviews

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