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Jul 14, 2023

T-Mobile Acquires Mint Mobile

Will Mint Mobile increase their prices now that they've been purchased by T-Mobile? Mint's whole campaigns is about beating big wireless, then they sell

Continue reading "T-Mobile Acquires Mint Mobile"

Jun 30, 2023

Prepaid Wireless Today vs. 10 Years Ago

What do you think has changed the most with prepaid wireless now vs. 10 years ago? The lines between prepaid and postpaid seem to have been blurred so

Continue reading "Prepaid Wireless Today vs. 10 Years Ago"

Jul 18, 2022

FCC ACP Free Internet

I've added this page so people looking for more information on the FCC Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) can ask questions and discuss! Please share

Continue reading "FCC ACP Free Internet"

Mar 22, 2022

Affordable Connectivity Program Free Broadband

Learn about how to get the FCC free broadband credit for eligible households!

Continue reading "Affordable Connectivity Program Free Broadband"

Mar 10, 2022

Affordable Connectivity Program

I'm trying to understand the Affordable Connectivity Program. Is it the same as the old Emergency Broadband Benefit program or something different? Thank

Continue reading "Affordable Connectivity Program"

Feb 23, 2022

Get Free Broadband Internet Access


Find providers offering free broadband Internet access, including hotspot and USB devices!

Continue reading "Get Free Broadband Internet Access"

Jul 25, 2019

FreedomPop and UNREAL Mobile Screw Over Their Customers

I was notified in July 2019 that my FreedomPop number has been ported to Ting, which is also on the Sprint network (meaning my devices will work as FreedomPop

Continue reading "FreedomPop and UNREAL Mobile Screw Over Their Customers"

Dec 28, 2018

Best MiFi Plans, No Contract Hotspots


Find the Best MiFi Plans to meet your needs! MiFi is a mobile hotspot that provides broadband access when you're on the go. Compare no contract hotspot plans here!

Continue reading "Best MiFi Plans, No Contract Hotspots"

Dec 28, 2018

The Latest Prepaid Wireless News!


Keep up with the latest Prepaid Wireless news! Updated monthly to inform you of the most interesting developments in the no contract wireless industry.

Continue reading "The Latest Prepaid Wireless News!"

May 01, 2018

Lifeline Providers


Use this detailed list of Lifeline Providers of free cell phone service to find one that meets your needs!

Continue reading "Lifeline Providers"

Nov 08, 2017

New Sprint MVNO Wing

Here's a new Sprint MVNO coming out of beta testing this month. The founders are two millennial millionaires; must be nice!

Their offers are based on refunding money back for unused data, much like Google Fi and Ting, as well as good international roaming value.

I've always questioned the value of additional MVNO entrants, particularly where the value proposition isn't very differentiated, and can be easily copied by competitors. That said, I love to see entrepreneurial spirit, and wish them all possible success!

Continue reading "New Sprint MVNO Wing"

Nov 03, 2017

International Wireless Broadband, Mobile Broadband Plans,International Broadband


International Wireless Broadband - Find prepaid mobile broadband plans by country!

Continue reading "International Wireless Broadband, Mobile Broadband Plans,International Broadband"

Nov 03, 2017

Cell Phone Troubleshooting, What to do When You Have Cell Phone Complaints?


Some more extreme options for Cell Phone Troubleshooting!

Continue reading "Cell Phone Troubleshooting, What to do When You Have Cell Phone Complaints?"

Nov 03, 2017

LG Smartphones, LG Optimus


LG Smartphones - Read PrepaidWirelessGuy's review of MetroPCS's LG Optimus M prepaid Android smartphone!

Continue reading "LG Smartphones, LG Optimus"

Nov 03, 2017

Canadian Cell Phone Plans, Compare Prepaid Cell Phones Canada, Canada PAYG Plans

Compare No Contract Canadian Cell Phone Plans! Find the best prepaid plan in Canada to meet your individual needs.

Continue reading "Canadian Cell Phone Plans, Compare Prepaid Cell Phones Canada, Canada PAYG Plans"

Oct 26, 2017

Prepaid Cell Phones Canada, Canadian Cell Phone Plans


Prepaid Cell Phones Canada - Learn about prepaid wireless plans available in Canada!

Continue reading "Prepaid Cell Phones Canada, Canadian Cell Phone Plans"

Oct 26, 2017

Smartphone Comparison, No Contract Prepaid Smartphones


Smartphone Comparison - Is there really such a thing as the best?

Continue reading "Smartphone Comparison, No Contract Prepaid Smartphones"

Oct 25, 2017

4G Network, 4G LTE Technology for Mobile Broadband


Learn about LTE as the next generation of 4G Network wireless technology!

Continue reading "4G Network, 4G LTE Technology for Mobile Broadband"

Oct 25, 2017

Mobile Broadband, Wireless Broadband Is Hot!


Learn about your no contract Mobile Broadband options!

Continue reading "Mobile Broadband, Wireless Broadband Is Hot!"

Oct 24, 2017

Virgin Broadband, Virgin Mobile MiFi Hotspot Review


Virgin Broadband - Read PrepaidWirelessGuy's Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go MiFi Review!

Continue reading "Virgin Broadband, Virgin Mobile MiFi Hotspot Review"

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