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Canadian cell phone plans have become more and more competitive over recent years!  Along with competition comes greater variety, making it that much harder for you (the customer!) to figure out the best prepaid wireless plan to meet your individual needs.  It's amazing how long it took to compile even just the basic information in the table below.  The information really is pretty straightforward, however, it always seems to consume more time than one would think to look it up and organize it in a meaninful way.  Hopefully this effort will help make your life easier in your search to compare prepaid wireless Canadian cell phone plans.

Here you'll find the major PAYG (Pay As You Go) Canadian cell phone plans .  I'm currently working on the other plan types, and will post them as soon as possible.  So please check back often, or sign up for the free ezine, Prepaid Wireless Tracker, to keep in touch with prepaid wireless news, and what's new with the site.

I think you'll find that the information in the table includes the most relevant information for those of you who are interested in per minute type of plans.  Lastly, don't forget to compare the expiration dates, as well as the actual value of the topup.  Your objective will be to pay the least amount of money per minute over the longest period of time.  Somtimes that means adding more money at a given time gets you the overall best value, while sometimes adding the least amount of money possible results in the best deal!

Provider Bell Mobility Bell Mobility
Rogers (Fido) Telus Virgin
Logo Bell Mobility PAYG Plans Solo Mobile PAYG Plans Rogers Wireless PAYG Plans Telus Mobility PAYG Plans Virgin Mobile PAYG Plans
Refill Amount (expiry) $15 (30 days)
(60 days)
$50 (60 days)
$20 (45 days)
$30 (45 days)
$10 (30 days)
(30 days)
$30 (30 days)
$40 (30 days)
$100 (365 days)
$10 - $0.25/min (30 days)
$25 - $0.25/min (60 days)
$50 - $0.25/min (60 days)
$100 - $0.25/min (365 days)

* Must maintain >$0 balance or anytime rate increases
$15 (30 days)
(60 days)
$50 (60 days)
$100 (365 days)
Anytime Minutes $0.30/min $0.40/min All Day Plan - $0.25/1st 5 min; then $0.15/min

Nights & Wknds -  $0.01 (8pm); $0.39/min weekdays

Anytime - $0.40/min
See Refill Amount Above $0.30/min
Nights & Weekend Mintues $0.30/min $0.05/min See Anytime Minutes Above See Refill Amount Above $0.30/min
Mobile-to-Mobile $0.30/min n/a Free incoming calls from other PAYG customers See Refill Amount Above $0.30/min
Texting (send/receive) $0.15/msg
(txt msg bundles available)
(txt msg bundles available)
(bundles also available)
$0.15/msg $0.15/msg
Free Incoming!
(txt msg bundles available)
International Texting $0.25/msg (sent)
$0.15/msg (received)
(bundles also available)
$0.20/msg (sent)
Voicemail Included Included Included Included (3 saved msgs) Included
Call Waiting Included Included Included Included Included
Caller ID $6.00/month Included Included Included Included
Long Distance $0.40/min + airtime $0.30/min + airtime $0.30/min + airtime $0.30/min + airtime $0.30/min + airtime
Web $0.05/KB
$10/month unlimited
$1.00/24 hrs $0.10/page
$10/month unlimited
Activation Fee None None Free if online None
Minimum Initial Balance None None None None None
Walkie-Talkie No No No No No
Nights n/a 7:00pm - 7:00am 8:00pm - 8:00am n/a n/a
Notes $0.50 monthly charge for e911
Comes with $15 start up credit
$0.50 monthly charge for e911 $0.50 monthly charge for e911

Auto Saver - Save 20% off local calling with monthly auto topup of $30 or more
Includes free local calling on your birthday
+ $0.75 monthly charge for e911
Can use any Telus phone!
No e911 charge

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No Contract Canadian Cell Phone Plans

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