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To compare wireless phone service plans is to be certain that you will spend a lot of time, and likely end up with a big headache!  I continue to be amazed with how hard it can be to find even basic information on certain prepaid wireless carrier sites.  Some sites are really well laid out, and you can find the most important details pretty easily, while others can literally take ages to find!  Especially as competition has increased, the number of plan options is really quite astonishing.  I find it particularly aggravating when I'm forced to review the company's general terms and condition to find what I consider to be basic usage information.  Generally speaking this is getting better, however, it's not quite where it needs to be to provide the best customer experience.

I'm continually reading the news to keep up with new prepaid carriers and changes to prepaid plans and of course pricing.  If you've tried to collect this information yourself, you'll appreciate just how much of it there is as you compare wireless phone service in your area!  So I'm confident that the information here will help you get on your way to selecting the prepaid wireless providers and plans that best meet your individual needs.  I definitely update the site regularly and quickly so that others can benefit from any changes in the market, so please check back often.

What you'll find below are links to detailed plan comparisons for Canadian prepaid wireless plans grouped by Per Minute (i.e. PAYG, a.k.a. Pay-As-You-Go), Per Day, and Monthly plans.  To learn more about these plan type categories, visit the Prepaid Wireless Plan Types page.  Simply click on the links in the colored boxes below to see the comparison charts that interest you the most.  If you're looking to compare U.S. prepaid wireless plans, please check out the U.S. No Contract Cell Phone Plans page.

I'm confident that you'll find that using the information in the comparison tables will help you to compare wireless phone service plans in Canada, and narrow down the wireless provider(s) and plan(s) that might best meet your needs.  I then recommend that you follow the links to the carrier's website to check that out any special offers that they may have for new customers, as well as to check their coverage maps to ensure that you'll have service where you need it.  Also, some offers are only available in certain areas and even markets, so please be sure to check out their site to determine if it's available in your area.

Lastly, you can learn more background about the Canadian prepaid wireless market by visiting the Evolution of Prepaid Cell Phones in Canada section!

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Compare Wireless Phone Service In Canada

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