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Do you want a prepaid wireless plan and are looking to compare wireless companies in Canada?  The table below show what major prepaid providers are available to you, and what Canadian cell phone plan types they offer. In other words, do they offer classic per minute plans, per day plans, or monthly plans?  There's certainly no doubt that while prepaid wireless plan options in Canada were initially lagging the U.S. in the early days, there are now a lot more choices.  While the value of Canadian plans is not yet where they are in the U.S., there's still a decent variety of choices from which to choose.

The Canadian no contract prepaid market has really evolved as the big carriers learn from the growth they've seen occurring in the prepaid segment in the U.S.  They know that if they don't start to meaningfully evolve their prepaid wireless offerings, they will eventually see their business decline!  Also, there continues to be a number of smaller players (previously referred to as "new entrants") that have helped to push along the price value proposition for prepaid customers in Canada.  In fact, they were the first to copy the U.S. prepaid providers with flat rate unlimited monthly plans.  Given that their business is solely focused on prepaid, no contract wireless plans, you can bet that they've been as aggressive as possible, and have definitely resulted in the big wireless carriers adjusting their strategies.

U.S. Prepaid Wireless Plans  Compare U.S. Prepaid Plans Now!

Please visit the Prepaid Wireless Plan Types section to learn more about Per Minute vs. Per Day vs. Per Month prepaid plans, to determine where your needs might best be met.  The table below is a great starting point to see what carriers are available to you in Canada, and what types of plans they offer.  The benefit of those offering only one plan type is that they are surely experts on that plan category, and have all of their company resources dedicated to offering the best possible programs.

To the contrary, however, those that offer multiple plan types afford you, the customer, the best flexibility in terms of changing between plan types as you come to better understand you usage needs, or as you life changes over time.  That way you can likely continue to use the same phone while taking advantage of different plans over time within the same wireless carrier.  This is some important food for thought as you compare wireless companies.

As existing plans are enhanced, new programs are launched, and others are discontinued, I'll update this page, so please visit the site often!

Bell Mobility (+Solo) Bell Mobility
Mobilicity  Mobilicity - Dave Wireless  
Public Mobile Public Mobile

chatr wireless (Rogers) chatr wireless
Rogers (Fido) Rogers Wireless Canada
Telus Mobility Telus Mobility
Virgin Mobile  Virgin Mobile Canada
Wind Mobile Wind Mobile Canada
Compare Wireless Companies In Canada

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