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Are you looking to compare wireless service plans available in Canada?  The available plans have really become quite robust, with options to meet the needs of most people looking for a no contract plan!  Here you'll find the information you need to compare wireless companies in Canada that offer Daily prepaid wireless plans.  If you're looking for another wireless plan type (ex. PAYG, Monthly), please visit Compare Wireless Phone Service (Canada).

If you're convinced that you're ready for the freedom of no contract wireless, but not quite sure which flavor of prepaid wireless is best for you, you can learn more about the different wireless phone plan types by visiting the Prepaid Wireless Plans section.  I'm constantly monitoring prepaid carriers, and adding them to the site to help you compare wireless service, so please check back often, or sign up for the free ezine, Prepaid Wireless Tracker, to keep in touch with prepaid wireless news, and what's going on with the site.

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U.S. Prepaid Wireless Plans  Compare Wireless Service in the U.S.

Provider Bell Mobility Bell Mobility
Rogers (Fido) Virgin
Logo Bell Mobility Daily Plans Solo Mobile Daily Plans Rogers Wireless Daily Plans Virgin Mobile Daily Plans
Daily Fee Option 1, 2 - $1/day
Option 3 - $0.50/day
Option 1 - $0.50/day
Option 2 - $1/day
$1/day Option 1 - $1/day
Option 2 - $1/day
Option 3 - $2/day
Charge Frequency Everyday Everyday Everyday
Anytime Minutes Option 1 - Unltd calling window:
3 - 7 pm (or)
5 - 9 pm (or)
7 - 11 pm

Option 3 - $0.30/min
$0.30/min Option 1 - Unltd
Option 2 - $0.30/min
Option 3 - Unltd
Nights & Weekends Minutes Option 2 - Unltd nights & wknds Option 1 - $0.05/min
Option 2 - Unltd
Unlimited Option 1 - n/a
Option 2 - Unltd
Option 3 - Unltd
Mobile-to-Mobile n/a n/a Free local incoming calls from other PAYG customers n/a
Texting (send/receive) Option 1, 3 - Unltd
Option 2 - $0.15/msg

(or) $0.50/day unltd
Option 1 - Unltd
Option 2 - $0.15/msg
$0.15/msg Option 1 - $0.15/msg
Option 2 - $0.15/msg
Option 3 - Unltd
Long Distance $0.40/min $0.40/min $0.30/min $0.30/min
Voicemail Message Center Express Message Center Express Included Voicemail Basic
Call Waiting Included Included Included Included
Caller ID Included Included Included Included
Web $0.05/page
Activation Fee None None None
Min Initial Balance >$0 >$0 >$0 >$0
Walkie-Talkie No No No No
Nights 6:00 pm - 7:00 am Option 1: 7 pm - 7 am
Option 2: 6 pm - 7 am
6:00 pm - 8:00 am 7:00 pm - 7:00 am
Notes Comes with $15 credit
e911 fee -  $0.75/month
e911 fee -  $0.50/month $20 min topup
e911 fee -  $0.50/month
No e911 charge

Compare Canadian Daily Plans

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