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No contract cell phone plans (also known as prepaid wireless) have become extremely popular despite a long legacy of not seen as being for mainstream customers.  Historically people in the North America thought that no contract cell phones were only for people with poor credit or on very tight budgets.  However, 2008 and 2009 were pivotal years for this industry where we saw a massive shift to prepaid, even for people with great credit, and good income.  The market has been trending towards prepaid ever since, to the extent of even erroding the postpaid industry.  The introduction of a full portfolio of smartphones, including the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series of phones was really the cornerstone to this shift.  After all, your cell phone should be about getting good service at a great value, which doesn't mean that you have to pay more, and lock yourself into a contract.  It's truly amazing that it took this long for this message to be heard!No Contract iPhone

Looking at other countries, like Europe for example, we see that no contract cell phone plans have been the norm there for the better part of its wireless history.  Interestingly, no contract wireless has never had the negative reputation that it has had in North America.  For a more detailed discussion, you can read the section on No Contract Cell Phones - The Truth Behind Prepaid Wireless.

The bottom line is that prepaid wireless, no contract cell phone plans, are growing year after year and here to stay!  Now the biggest challenge for customers is to untangle the massive amounts of information about plans, providers, and phones.  Fortunately, this is the heart of the mission of,  which is to do all of the research and consolidation for you.  It literally takes countless hours to compile and maintain prepaid wireless plan comparison tables as there are just so many options to choose from.  If you're doing the research on your own, it can be confusing, and researching your options can actually be overwhelming and frustrating.  The work comes in compiling the various plan information, and then keeping up with it.  This is something that I would never wish upon you to have to do yourself!  So, below you'll find links to the various plan types.  On each of those pages, you'll find a comparison table of the main prepaid providers out there, including their plan details.

Each plan links to the prepaid provider's website, so definitely please check the site to find the phone and plan combination that you like, and also note that not all carriers offer service across the country, so you'll want to check that it's available where you intend on using it.  To learn about which plan category might best meet your needs before going over to the detailed comparison tables, check out the Prepaid Wireless Plan Types section.  And to learn about the evolution of these plan types, check out the Prepaid Cellular Phone Services - How Did Prepaid Wireless Get So Complicated?! section.  Lastly, as the plan you want may ultimately be influenced by the phones that are available, you may also want to review the Smartphone Comparison chart to see the latest and greatest handsets available in prepaid wireless.

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