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Did you see the list of major wireless providers and wonder where the other wireless providers are that you may have heard of?  There are literally dozens and dozens of prepaid wireless providers out there.  What I call the main list is dedicated to those prepaid wireless carriers that are included in the detailed comparison charts found from the Compare No Contract Wireless Plans page.  This page is dedicated to listing other providers that aren't quite large enough or mainstream enough to be included on the main page, however, are noteworthy enough to have a presence on the site.

These other wireless providers tend not to own and operate their own wireless networks, but rather operate as MVNOs buying minutes from major wireless carriers.  You'll definitely see some of the large MVNOs on the main page, so it's not a hard and fast rule that MVNOs are only included here, but those listed here are almost always likely to be MVNOs as they're too small to own their own networks.  Anyway, the point here is that these are the smaller players, but offer something special or unique in their own way that may meet your particular needs.

Compare No Contract Cell Phone Plans From Major Providers!

Providers Plan Types
Network Notes
Affinity Cellular (AAA)
Affinity Cellular - AAA Members Only
Monthly Verizon
  • For AAA members only
  • Can share 3 phones on plan
  • Plans ranging from 10 to Unlimited minutes per month; good text add-on plans; reasonable data plans
Giv Mobile
Out of Business Jan '16
Giv Mobile
Unlimited T-Mobile
  • Donate 8% of bill to charity of your choice (up to $50/yr)
  • 4G data up to defined limit, then 3G
H2O Wireless   H2O Wireless PAYG
  • Includes some free international calling to Mexico & 50+ countries
  • Works with any unlocked GSM phone or locked AT&T phone (does NOT include data services)
  • Service provided by Locus Telecommunications
i wireless
i wireless
Unlimited T-Mobile
  • Partnership between T-Mobile & Iowa Network Services
  • Offer 7, 15, 30, and 60-day plans with unlimited voice, text, and Web options
  • Offer pay-as-you-go, monthly, and monthly unlimited plans
  • A Kroger company - sold at Kroger family stores
  • Offer loyalty/rewards program
Liberty Wireless
 Liberty Wireless
2 Week
  • Offer pay-as-you-go, 2 week, and monthly unlimited plan
  • Offer only one phone (Motorola Q), however, can bring certain phones with you
PrepaYd Wireless
Terminated by Sprint
  PrepaYd Wireless Unlimited No Contract Wireless
Unlimited Sprint
  • Plans are nationwide (i.e. no calling areas)
  • Offer FREE phones & plans from $35 - $45
  • Purchased Zapp Unlimited
Red Pocket Mobile
  Red Pocket Mobile No Contract Wireless
  • Sell SIMs only for use on any unlocked GSM phone
  • Offer customer service in English, Spanish, Chinese & Filipino
  • Offer low cost international calling with rollover
Simple Mobile  
   Simple Mobile Unlimited Prepaid Wireless
Unlimited T-Mobile
  • Offer several unlimited monthly price plans
  • Offer only one handset, but support unlocked GSM phones; just need to buy a starter SIM card to
  • Note that coverage is not the full T-Mobile network
Bankrupt 12/4/15
   Solavei No Contract Wireless
Unlimited T-Mobile
SouthernLINC Wireless
   SouthernLINC Wireless
  • Offer monthly unlimited, daily, & daily unlimited plans
  • Unlimited plans restricted to SoutherLINC regional calling area
  • Offer smartphones like Motorola i1 Android & BlackBerry Curve 8350i
STi Mobile  
  STi Mobile
PAYG Sprint
  • Offer per minute rates as well as unlimited nights and weekend plans
  • Offer extremely competitive international calling rates given their roots in international calling cards
Tag Mobile  
  Tag Mobile No Contract Wireless
Unlimited Verizon & Sprint
  • Offer a variety of lower cost monthly unlimited plans, including international options
  • Limited handset selection, but have BYOD (Bring Your Own Device program)
  • Now only provides Lifeline service!
Tello Prepaid Wireless
Build You Own Plan Sprint
  • Build your own plan by adding how many minutes, texts, and data you want per month.
Tempo Telecom  
  Tempo Telecom No Contract Wireless
  • Plans start at $9.95/month
  • Operate on both 3G & 4G LTE
  • Data & text messages billed as minutes
Ting Wireless
Monthly Sprint
  • Pay only for what you use, and get credits for unused plan allowances

Total Call Mobile
   Total Call Mobile
PAYG Sprint
  • Offer pay-as-you-go with straightforward rates
  • Also provide monthly contract plan & international direct dial
  • Self-described multi-ethnic MVNO
U Prepaid
 U Prepaid Wireless
U.S. Cellular
  • Partnership between Alltel Wireless & U.S. Cellular
  • Sold only in Walmart
Univision Mobile
Univision Mobile Prepaid Wireless
Monthly T-Mobile
Shut down in July 2017 in favor of Ultra Mobile's Ultra Flex Plans.
  • Powered by Ultra Mobile (T-Mobile MVNO).
  • Have plans for catering to various international destinations.

Are You Eligible For Free Cell Phone Service?!

Virgin Mobile Assurance WirelessSafeLink WirelessCricket Lifeline Credit
i-wireless Access WirelessC Spire Lifeline CreditCare Wireless Lifeline

As I  learn about other wireless providers that are small but interesting, I continually update this page, so please check back often.  If you've come across other wireless providers that you think are interesting enough to be included here, please Contact me and let me know!

Other No Contract Providers

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