Daily Plan Reviews

Are you interested in reading or sharing prepaid wireless daily plan reviews?  Do you currently, or have you used prepaid wireless Daily Plans?  This plan type was an evolution to the per minute (Pay As You Go) plan type, and allows customers a step up in value.  Daily plans have become more popular for people who want to minimize spending, but who use their phone frequently enough that you demand more value than the basic per minute pricing.

One interesting thing about this plan type is that while it can be a great deal, if you're not careful, it can be one of the most expensive plans out there!  It really comes down to how often you use your phone, and whether or not you're charged a daily fee, or you're only charged on days that you use your phone.  If you have experience with this Daily plan, we'd love to hear from you!  Please share your feedback by entering your review in the form below; it's super easy!  Here are a few ideas to consider as you write your daily plan reviews:
  • Which prepaid wireless provider(s) have you tried using their daily plan?
  • Is/Was the daily plan pay per use or subscription?  (i.e. Do you have to pay a daily fee regardless of whether or not you use the phone, or only on days that you use your phone?  Either way, did it meet your cost and value expectations?
  • Do the included daily features meet your needs, or did you find yourself needing to spend more to get the services you wanted?
  • Do you find monitoring your balance and the daily payments easy to understand, or did/do you find that you often miss payments or see money disappearing when unexpected?
  • Would you recommend the service to a friend?  This can apply to both the particular service you used, or Daily plans in general.
Please note that you don't have to specifically answer any of the above questions.   They're just there to help you to get thinking about what to write to help visitors fully understand your experience, so please be open and honest, and don't feel restricted to just these ideas.  Interestingly, this is one of the plan types that is the least well understood, and certainly gets a lot less media play (i.e. less advertising!).  Prepaid wireless carriers often look to this plan category as an offer for people who can't keep up with monthly payments, but who are looking for greater value that class pay-as-you-go plans.  So, you're feedback and comments are very valuable; we want to know about your first-hand experience with this plan type, and to hear about what's the best Daily Plan out there!

What's the Best Daily Plan?

Do you have experience with Daily Plans? Please share it!

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Daily Plan Reviews

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