Porting Home Phone Number to Assurance Wireless

I was led to believe I could retain my home phone number as my cell number with Assurance, but when I activated the cell on June 11th, it gave me a number (I didn't write it down and I don't remember it). Can I have my home phone number as my cell number since I am eliminating the home phone? I have a hardship situation and it would be a great convience if I could use the home number as the cell number.

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Mar 03, 2022
Porting Issues NEW
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

So I've been researching this topic recently, and it's VERY clear that many carriers intentionally make it very difficult for customers to port their numbers out.

They do this to stop you from leaving (obviously), and at least force you to call them, which gives them an opportunity to save you from leaving.

Also, they often require that you have a specific code to complete the port, which you won't know unless you call them.

All-in-all, it makes it very difficult, and is actually illegal for them to stop you from porting.

When you have all of the correct porting info to supply to your new provider, while it can happen, it's very rare for there to be porting issues.

For me personally, I moved my number to Google Voice over a dozen years ago. That way I control the number and never have to worry about losing it!

I just set Google Voice as my primary number on the app, which means that people don't get confused seeing the underlying number that's tied to the actual phone/plan.

Note that carriers can often retrieve "lost" numbers, especially when it's hours or days after your issue occurred. So it might be possible to recover your number. It's probably worth calling back and talking to a manager if you haven't canceled your old account yet.

Anyway, I'm so sorry to hear about your issue; it's really sad that it had to happen that way for you.

Mar 02, 2022
Porting number didn't work for me NEW
by: Anonymous

I know that all of the providers have been upgrading their networks to 5G as of 2022. Sadly, when I tried to Port my old phone number from SafeLink over to Assurance, all I got was the runaround. What should have taken just a few minutes, took all afternoon, several hours only for me to get nowhere. When I went to my local Boost Mobile for help and told them what I was going through, I had a witness. It turns out that at least during this time, I ended up finding out I couldn't Port my Safelink number over to Assurance. I was told by one assurance agent to leave my number active until I got my Assurance phone. I never got the welcome letter and got three mixed messages from three different agents. One said pending, another said failed but the national verification said approved. In the end, I ended up losing my longtime phone number. The only reason why I tried to move is because I couldn't get a phone from SafeLink. They ran out of free phones and I never got the one I bought either. Without notice, SafeLink returned my money to my bank account. I should have had a blue view smartphone but I ended up with nothing

Jul 21, 2011
Phone Number Porting
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

You should be able to port your home phone number onto your Assurance Wireless account. The Assurance account actually needs to be setup with a new phone number first. That’s the phone number that they would have provided you. You can figure it out by looking at the menu options on your phone. There’s usually an option that says something like “My Number”. You can also call another phone from your Assurance phone and look at the call display number.

They can’t actually setup a new account right off the bat with your existing home number (or any other number for that matter). Once your new phone is activated, they can port in your number. Please keep in mind, however, that although there are laws that require wireless number portability (WLNP) to be supported by carriers, there are restrictions/limitations. I’m not familiar with all of them, but one is related to the distance between the region in which one number resides versus the region where your new phone is deemed to be receiving service. If you requested the same or nearby area code, I don’t expect porting over should be a problem. Though, admittedly, I’m not even close to being an expert in these different rules and limitations.

Some carriers offer you to provide the number that you want to port in (i.e. your home number in your case) at the time of ordering service. They still go through the same process of creating a new account with a new phone number, and then proceeding with porting in your old number. Porting in your old number can occur at any time; it doesn’t have to be during the initial activation. So all you should need to do is call Assurance and request that they port in your number. You’ll need to know the account name, number, and any passcode or other identifying information of your home phone line in order to complete the port.

Please report back and let us know how it went!

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