What Prepaid Broadband is Best for Limited Use?

Would the Virgin Broadband2Go plan be a good investment for us? We spend 3-4 months in Florida and need Internet. If we buy the modeum, would it be good year after year?

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May 11, 2010
What's the Right Prepaid Broadband Plan For You?
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

For occasional broadband users, prepaid mobile broadband is definitely the way to go! It definitely wouldn't make sense to lock yourself into a contract if the service is not portable across the locations in which you live.

Is Virgin Broadband2Go the best option for you? It's difficult to say what the best plan is to meet your needs. Though the good news is that there are more options out there today than ever before! Did you narrow it down to Virgin Broadband2Go because they have the lowest 30-day cost with a competitive data allowance?

If having the lowest monthly cost is your greatest concern/objective, Virgin is a good option. They're on the Sprint network, so you can rest assured that it's a quality, high speed 3G network. That said, there are others that also operate on the Sprint network.

Also, keep in mind that Sprint's coverage on prepaid is different than their postpaid coverage. Don't get me wrong, the coverage is still great, however, prepaid isn't currently permitted to roam on Sprint's data roaming partner networks. The point being that you'll want to test the places where you plan on using the service to ensure that they have the coverage you need. The easiest way to test such things is to have a Sprint phone that you can use to check how many bars you get. If you don't have a Sprint phone, you can simply buy the Broadband2Go modem, activate it, and return it if it doesn't meet your needs. So make sure the place where you buy it from has a good return policy (ex. BestBuy).

BestBuy is also a good destination for purchasing Virgin Broadband2Go because there have been reported issues with the product installation process. If you can have the store clerk help you install it, and make sure it's working properly before you leave, you won't need to worry about returning it later. This, of course, assumes that you're using it on a laptop. You wouldn't want to lug a desktop to the store!

Is it a good investment to buy the modem? I don't see that you have any better option(s) if you want to stay with no contract. The prepaid broadband modems these days are fairly inexpensive considering what you're getting, and that there's no contract. And yes, you can continue to use the modem year after year, so it's not as though you'll need to buy a new modem every year just for the five months you're in Florida.

As you contemplate your options, here's some helpful links that you may or may not have found yet:

Prepaid Wireless Broadband Plans

Virgin Broadband2Go

Virgin Prepaid Broadband2Go Tech Support Problems

I hope this helps, and please do come back and share your experience with us once you buy a prepaid modem!

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