Verizon Phone on MVNO network

by Frank

Can I use my current Verizon phone on another service? My 2 yr. contract is fulfilled.

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Jan 05, 2010
Using Verizon Wireless Handset
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

This is a great topic! As carriers begin to open up their networks more and more, in terms of allowing activation of any compatible handset, the world of prepaid wireless will get even more exciting. It could mean that any Verizon or Sprint MVNO (for example) could use any compatible handset, which means we could see an Android or Palm device on prepaid!

Anyway, to your question, my understanding is that a number of Verizon MVNOs will allow Verizon phones to be activated on their service. Page Plus, for example, is well publicized for allowing any Verizon handset. After checking out the Verizon MVNOs listed in the different plan types in the Compare Prepaid Plans section, you'd be wise to give the carrier you're interested in a quick call.

You could always just try activating on their website (if they offer that service) and see what happens. And note that even if you do call them, and they say that it doesn't work, that doesn't necessarily mean that it won't! Given that you already have the phone (i.e. no additional investment on your part), you can always attempt it to see what happens, or just ask and see if you get a straight answer.

Also note that some carriers won't allow you to activate a handset that they didn't initially sell, however, you can ESN swap (CDMA lingo for changing/upgrading your phone after activation), to any phone that's compatible with their technology (i.e. Verizon CDMA phone on a Verizon MVNO network).

MetroPCS has also been known to flash Sprint phones to work on their network. Not sure about Verizon.

Keep in mind that even if a phone can be activated, it doesn't mean that all features will work properly, so you'll want to test it out before you go ahead and add a bunch of money to your prepaid account, only to find out that things don't work the way you want them to, and you'd prefer to try another carrier. You'd have to deplete your funds before bailing out. As an example, I read that someone activated a Palm Pre on Verizion (both CDMA technology), however, data provisioning didn't work; only voice. A Palm Pre without access to data is virtually useless.

Hope this helps. Please let us know what you end up trying!

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