Virgin thinks my Broadband2Go MiFi is a phone

by Tim

My Broadband2Go MiFi 2200 worked fine for a couple of months. Five days ago I returned from a trip and it would not work. After several calls to the 877 number, they said their system thinks my MiFi is a phone. Indeed, I've been getting emails about insuring my new Virgin phone. (I have an iPhone ). Several days ago they said the problem would be fixed. The last 2 times I called 877, I was put on hold to a supervisor and eventually the line went dead ("if you want to make a call...."). Any ideas?

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Jan 21, 2011
Broadband2Go MiFi
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

It's not unusually for the system to see your MiFi as a phone and message you as such. Afterall, it really is just a data-only handset. I received that email as well asking me if I want to insure the device. The email talks as if it's a phone, but I see that as simply poorly constructed messaging. I haven't, though, checked into seeing whether or not they actually allow you to insure the modem. I expect that they would.

If your MiFi modem worked previously, then it's been properly activated. Sometimes MiFi devices just stop working for no good reason. If you open the bottom battery cover, you can find a reset button. Push that button for 10-15 seconds, then turn the modem back on and see if it works. Sometimes a simple reset will do the trick. Also, make sure that your Admin settings don't have the device going dormant when not in use (especially when plugged in).

Also, sometimes just removing the battery and letting the device cool down for a few minutes will do the trick. MiFi devices can be a bit finicky in that way...unfortunately.

In terms of calling customer care for help, all I can suggest is that you try calling back and selecting the tech support option. At some point you will get through; whether or not you'll get the help you need is another question.

Please report back and let us know what happened!

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