Virgin Mobile MiFi Unlimited Plan is Limited

by Darrell
(Archer, Fl)

I signed up for the $40.00 unlimited mifi plan and I noticed at peak times or during a sporting event my mifi speed crawls.... I still have good signal bars. I just received an email from Virgin stating that after 5 gig of downloads or streaming I would be lowered to 250 kbs until next month when I would then be back to high speed. I called tech support asking why, and they told me they were tring to balance the load of customers. I need to ask you is there a better option....? I do not have television where I am so I use online instead.

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Nov 02, 2012
Please Do Share! NEW
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Hi Wayne - While I don't usually like when people post comments simply to plug their own agenda, you seem like an honest, down-to-earth person. I consider myself a small fish, and would like to at least try to help another small fish get a little bit of attention.

With that said, I reviewed your site, and it looks well organized. Can you share more about how it is that you came to start your own company? Having worked for multiple prepaid carriers, with a lot of knowledge about the MVNO model, I think people would benefit from having a better understanding about how your company works.

For example, please help people feel comfortable that going with your service will provide a reliable, stable, and predictable service. And I don't mean the network quality, but rather billing, support, customer service, etc.

Also, it will be helpful for others interested in starting their own mobile service!

Thank you for your time!

Nov 01, 2012
True Unlimited 3g Data
by: wayne

Hi - I know how you feel; that is why I made it my goal to find true Unlimited mobile data. After a year of searching I couldn't find it, so I started my own company. Please take the time to look at my website and decide for yourself. True UNLIMITED DATA, no slowdowns, and on Americas largest network. And it's prepaid with 3G speeds nationwide. I’m a small company working on Americas largest 3G network but with word of mouth and Unbeatable coverage and pricing I hope to be a big fish in the pond soon.

Sep 04, 2012
Enough With The Deceptive Marketing
by: Anonymous

I really wish this type of “unlimited” marketing would stop. Sure, there’s small print and yes, it’s really unlimited, but at REDUCED SPEED. You know, I really don’t mind having an allowance, and then having reduced speed after I reach that allowance. For me that’s better than having no data access at all. I may not be able to do the things I want to, but again, it’s better than nothing. I just ask that I have the ability to add more data without having to pay for an entire month!

I think it’s more of a issue with setting expectations. Don’t market unlimited when you know damn well how customers will perceive that and what it truly means. It’s deceptive marketing, and it really blows my mind that this type of practice isn’t illegal. If you want customers, and you want us to stay with you, just tell us what we’re getting and how much it is. If you can’t come up with a competitive plan, don’t try to mask it with deceptive marketing messaging! Please just keep it real and then you’ll have better customer loyalty.

Jan 25, 2011
Unlimited Broadband is Dead
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

I hear you, and I completely understand your dilemma and frustration! The big wireless carriers went thru a huge PR hassle when they first limited their unlimited broadband plans to 5GB based on a "reasonable usage" clause. Since then, I haven't seen the unlimited marketing; it's now just a straight 5GB plan.

Prepaid broadband companies have been making these changes/restrictions recently (i.e. this year) as popularity of prepaid mobile broadband has increased. If there are any remaining that don't have this clause, or have it but won't ultimately invoke it, I'd be very surprised.

I wrote in another comment that this clause makes a lot of sense to preserve the network quality for 99% (or more) of users. However, the 5GB limit that truly never used to cause issues for the average person, now certainly does. Maybe 10GB should be the new reasonable limit, but certainly not 5GB.

I ran into the same issue (different provider), and ended up having to get COX home Internet service to avoid these caps. It was a sad day, and really lame, but after starting to use Netflix on demand, this was a must. If you're using it to access television, you'll definitely have issues. I actually found that average 3G speeds didn't deliver the experience I was looking for anyway, so even without a cap, mobile broadband in its NON-4G mode really doesn't deliver the goods anyway.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

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