Prepaid AT&T on an Old T-Mobile Phone

by Cin

I just switched from T-Mobile to AT&T but was not happy with the phone so I sent it back today, only to find it may be up to 2 weeks before I will be sent a new phone.

I have my T-Mobile Razr and wondered if I could purchase any prepaid card to use this cell or purchase a cheap one to use during the waiting period?

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Jul 20, 2010
AT&T Prepaid Phone Return Options
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

That’s too bad that it will take them that long to get the new phone out to you. Logistically it makes sense that it would take up to two weeks (though I expect you’ll get it faster), however, to be without a phone for that length of time is certainly not a good customer experience to say the least.

Some carriers will suggest that you return/exchange it in store, even though it sounds like you bought it online. Of course, some carriers aren’t setup to handle this type of cross-channel logistics. Another option that is sometimes available is for them to send you the replacement in advance. What they’ll usually do is collect your credit card information so if you don’t return the old phone within a certain period of time they’ll charge you full price for it. That’s always a good motivator to ensure people send the phone back.

Anyway, this isn’t your situation because you already sent it back ;-). If your T-Mobile phone is unlocked, you should be able to use it on the AT&T account, and simply swap the SIM card to the new phone when it arrives. There’s really no harm in trying it. If the phone is locked, or otherwise for some reason incompatible (sometimes network settings within the phone need to be reset, or are otherwise locked), it simply won’t work; no harm done. Regardless of what phone you have, you can load money/minutes onto your AT&T prepaid account as the account lives independently of the phone itself. You can also try putting in your AT&T SIM into the RAZR and try dialing customer care using 611. You should be able to dial 611 without putting any minutes on the account. This is allow you to try it out without having to purchase minutes.

Another option if your RAZR doesn’t work is to go to an AT&T store (or store/dealer that sells AT&T prepaid phones), and buy another phone. You should activate your existing account, and simply put the old/original SIM card into the new AT&T prepaid phone (i.e. don’t use the SIM card that comes with the new phone). Check their return policy. I expect you should have 2-4 weeks within which time you can return the phone. HOWEVER, be sure to clearly understand the return policy. Sometimes there’s a restocking fee, and/or a certain number of minutes on the phone that can be used after which they won’t accept a return. Note that it’s usually minutes on the phone vs. minutes on the account, though this policy can vary. If it’s minutes on the account, you won’t have to worry because you’ll be using your other account. If it’s minutes on the phone, then you might run into an issue. Anyway, be sure to have them explain this to you, and get it in writing. You can also try stores like Walmart or Best Buy, which often have different return policies than the carrier store. This option is definitely more of a pain (buying and returning and making sure not to scratch the phone, etc.). However, an option nonetheless.

I hope this helps!

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