Virgin Mobile Modem Always Downloading

by Neil

Can anyone tell me why my modem is downloading and uploading even when I do not have a browser open, or when just viewing a document? When I first started to use it it would stop loading, now as soon as it is on it starts cranking out.

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Mar 24, 2011
Broadband2Go Downloading
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Hmm...This is interesting. I expect the modem software would likely check for updates on a regular basis, if not each time you connect. There should be a setting for this. My Broadband2Go MiFi device is not currently active, so unfortunately I can't look for it for you. That said, this check would be quick, and would not leave you seeing constant downloading and uploading.

Generally, there are a lot of applications on computers these days that will access the Web periodically. For example, software looking for updates, including Adobe Flash, printer drivers, Windows updates, PC specific updates (ex. Dell, Lenovo, Sony, etc. specific driver updates), virus scanning software, firewalls, etc. The list is virtually endless. Even applications like Google Calendar Sync, or other cloud syncing software, or even Firefox tabs updating, etc.

In other words, without any other specific information, I would would venture to guess that what you're seeing is a function of applications on your computer pinging the Internet, as opposed to it being a problem with your Broadband2Go modem per se. I'm certainly not defending Virgin, as they have had some tremendously frustrating issues; I just don't think that the problem you're experience is necessarily related to them.

There's probably software available that can help you monitor what applications are specifically accessing the Internet; maybe someone has used such software and can recommend something; preferably free.

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