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Are you researching prepaid wireless plans and looking to read or share PAYG plan reviews?  Do you currently, or have you used a Pay As You Go (i.e. PAYG = per minute) prepaid wireless plan?  This is the classic (now legacy!) plan type that started the prepaid wireless revolution, and it still lives today!  Pay-As-You-Go plans have become increasinglly competitive, and still offer great value and convenience for people who only use their wireless phone occasionally, or in spurts, but not a lot of usage on a daily or regularly basis.

If you have experience with this plan type, we'd love to hear about it!  Please share your feedback by entering your review in the form below; it's super easy!  Here are a few things to consider including in your PAYGo plan reviews, but by all means, please don't limit yourself to these topics only.  Tey're here only to help you get started thinking about the plan aspects that people tend to be interested in, but is by no means all inclussive.
  • Which pay-as-you-go service provider(s) have you tried?
  • Were/are you happy with the the denominations (ex. $10, $20, $30, $50, etc.) that were/are available for purchase?  This is the amount of money that a wireless carrier lets you add to your account at any one time.  Do they offer you access to Real Time Replenishment (also known as Topup) with open range denominations?
  • Were/are you happy with the expiration value attached to each card/PIN and your account balance (ex. 30 days, 90 days, 120 days, etc.)?
  • Did/do you receive good notifications about when your account balance is low, or when your funds are about to expire so your phone is always active and available?
  • Were/are you generally happy with the per minute value?
  • Would you recommend the service to a friend?
Visitors to this page want to know about your first-hand experience, and to hear about what's the best Pay As You Go plan out there, so thank you in advance for sharing your valuable thoughts and insights!

What's the Best Per Minute (PAYG) Plan?

Do you have experience with per minute (pay-as-you-go) plans? Please share it!

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Free Minutes On Pay As You Go Kroger i-wireless Plan 
I am completely confused regarding the Pay As You Go plan. I bought a Kroger LG phone and a $25.00 card. My wife and I both shop at Kroger and our shopper …

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I am trying to get my account information from i-wireless. I have asked them to give me my total minutes from Kroger at the beginning of a month plus …

Tracfone Great For Students 
For years I was a loyal Tracfone customer, and my family swore upon them. I bought my first Tracfone when I entered ninth grade. Although at first I barely …

Satisfied Tracfone Family 
I am a loyal Tracfone customer, having used Tracfones for at least seven years now. My parents got my first Tracfone for me when I was involved in extracurricular …

AT&T Pay As You Go Wireless 
A few years back , before I obtained my first cell phone plan, I used AT&T. Well at the time it was cingular pay as you go. At the time I believe denominations …

Best No Contract Plan 
I had a monthly bill with T-Mobile that was just fine, $39.95 for 1,500 min per month; with tax it was coming out to be $44 and change every month. …

Tracfone lover! 
Have been on the Tracfone plan now for almost a year! Been loving it ever since. I actually paid for the double minutes for life card and for just like …

Kroger I-Wireless Rip Off! 
The I-wireless policy regarding your expiration date on your prepaid airtime is to subtract any time you have left when you add additional airtime. Any …

H2O Wireless - Best Unlimited ($40) and Pay as you go (5 to 6 cents) 
H2O Wireless (used to be O2 Wireless) in June came out with an unlimited talk and text plan for $40 called Pure. Just get an H2O …

Canadian Snowbirds is this PAYG Plan 4U?  
I have what I believe is the perfect plan for me as a Canadian winter visitor to the U.S. & one who doesn't use a cell phone a great deal. T-Mobile has …

BusyMom chooses Net10 
We left Nextel just as they were merging with Sprint. After more than 4 years as happy Nextel customers who had used cell phones in lieu of a landline, …

AirVoice - Worth checking out! 
This company used to be on the comparison chart but isn't now. My experience: For years I'd been with Verizon, always on the least expensive plan I was …

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PAYG Plan Reviews

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