Satisfied Tracfone Family

by Heather
(Connellsville, PA, USA)

I am a loyal Tracfone customer, having used Tracfones for at least seven years now. My parents got my first Tracfone for me when I was involved in extracurricular activities my senior year of high school so that I would be able to call them when I needed a ride home. Cell phones were fairly new then, and while most other people had phones with contracts, I did not mind my Tracfone one bit. I got a clear pink princess cover for it, along with an iridescent purple, navy, green cover. I did not really send text messages with that phone since it wasn’t popular then, but I enjoyed playing the snake game and calling when I needed to.

My next cell phone was also a Tracfone, this one a Nokia as well. My first Tracfone was about three and a half years old at the time and didn’t seem to be holding charge well. I really liked that my new Tracfone was at least half the size of my original and looked much more stylish. I was also able to purchase a pink cover for it, which added a special novelty quality. I began to text more with this phone since I was in college and texting was gaining popularity. At times I felt I was out of the loop without a contract cell phone, but the money I saved definitely outweighed any social stigma I imagined.

My third and newest Tracfone is a Motorola. This phone
was also a gift. The brand mattered little to me as long as I had a Tracfone. This has been a fantastic phone as well. While I do not buy a prepaid card for my phone every month, the monthly cost for me would average to $10 a month. You can’t beat that. I use my cell phone for calls that are a necessity, emergency, or may otherwise save me time and money. Now I also send a text message instead of calling if the other person can simply send one back in response. That way I only use .6 of a unit instead of a full unit, saving me more money.

Tracfones and their prepaid time literally save me at least $500 a year. The Nokia and Motorola phones I’ve had also seem better made than contract phones and last 3 times longer. I have recommended Tracfone service to others, especially family members and older adults. In addition to costing less, they also are simpler to use because they only have the features you really need.

The only drawback is trying to understand their customer service staff if you need to transfer minutes from an old phone to a new phone, but this happens only once every few years, so minutes of annoyance are undoubtedly outweighed by years of successful and enjoyable use. My parents, my grandparents, my fiance, his parents, and his sister all have Tracfones – for a total of 8 – and are extremely satisfied customers.

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Jan 17, 2011
I think tracfone deserves better than an 8
by: Maurice

Sorry bud but i think tracfone desrves at least a 9. I called their customer service and had no problems like you said. Tracfone's get great reception and are priced waaay too low. Since switching to tracfone i have saved money, and gained freedom(the whole no contract thing). I give tracfone a 10

Jan 17, 2011
Tracfone is IT!
by: ritz

I do think that more people these days are considering the possibility of prepaid cell phones. It seems the barriers to switching are comin down. Once my contract is done, my plan is to switch as well, I just can't afford the cancellation fee right now. From all the reading I've been doing, Tracfone is the biggest non-contract in the world. They also offer the lowest out of pocket costs which is very important to me. They offer flexible minute options that will allow me to get what I want. They also have double minutes for life card, so when you purchase new airtime you actually get double what you pay for. This really makes you minutes last. Can't wait to get this going.

Jan 14, 2011
Senior service as well
by: Beryl

The Tracfone SVC is a phone that is targeted at seniors. This is a basic phone with a large keyboard and keys, the screen is large and easy to read and you can attach a hearing aid if necessary - It is inexpensive to run and is a marvellous service to offer senior citizens

Jan 11, 2011
by: jocelyn

I really like Tracfone prepaid but I do agree that it is hard dealing with customer service sometimes. I have been a tracfone customer for a number of years now and I overlook the poor customer service for the superior value that you receive.

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