H2O Wireless - Best Unlimited ($40) and Pay as you go (5 to 6 cents)

by Brandon Smoker
(Ephrata, PA)

H2O Wireless www.h2Owirelessnow.com (used to be O2 Wireless) in June came out with an unlimited talk and text plan for $40 called Pure. Just get an H2O sim card on Ebay for $7 and call H2O to activate it and use your credit card to automatically refill $40 every month. Their pay as you go rates are great too. $39.99 gives you 800 minutes for 30 days (that's 5 cents a minute) and $29.99 gives you 500 minutes (6 cents a minute) for 30 days.

They have an auto recharge for the $29.99 one so you can just activate this one and not have to worry about it and it rolls over. Then with your accumulated rollover minutes you can switch and do the $10 recharge that gives you 90 days and use up all those minutes. I am only paying $10 to $12 a month for what I use (about 150 to 200 minutes a month).

Text messages are a bit less than 3 cents per message pay as you go. (it's a bit complicated to explain since the first text of the day is 10 cents and the rest that day are 5 cents, but take my word for it and you can figure it our too once you understand how it works after using it or if you are good at figuring out things).

They use AT&T's network and you can use any AT&T phone or any unlocked GSM phone. They do not have data. Check out their website: www.H2Owirelessnow.com

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Nov 03, 2014
New plans from H2O
by: Anonymous

H2O revided their plans and I think they have the best rates of any AT&T MVNO.

They have a $30/month plan that includes unlimited talk and text and 500 MB of data.

More data is available at $40, $50, and $60 price points.

Their Pay as you Go plans offer talk and text for 5 cents per minute. 4G data cost 10 cents per MB.

You can buy SIMs, Standard, Micro and Nano, on Amazon for as little as $0.01 with FREE shipping!

The only downside, is that many people have trouble configuring their phones for MMS (SMS works fine). I got around the problem by installing Google Hangouts on my phone and using it for sending and receiving SMS, with my H2O number.

Feb 16, 2013
H2O Data
by: Anonymous

H2O does offer data. I use it, and the rates are not bad. A penny or two to check your gmail, and maybe 20 cents or so for using google maps for awhile. They have information on setting this up on their web page. I use the pay as you go plan on a Blackberry. (No, they don't support the Blackberry BIS data, just plain Internet).

Feb 16, 2011
O2 Wireless
by: Anonymous

Can I use my O2 Wireless Sim card with H2o pay as you go cards?

Jan 31, 2011
Question for H2O GSM
by: Sandy

Hi, Brandon,

I don't understand how it works.
I checked with the rep and they said if you recharge $10, you will get 78 mins. so it is still 14 cents per min.

I am not sure why you still can get 5-6 cents per min.

Also, for the text message, can you give me the example for the 3 cents/message? Please advice. I am so confused about it.



Jul 13, 2010
H2O Prepaid Wireless
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

This is great information; thank you for posting it! I actually have H2O listed on the Other Wireless Providers page, as they're not quite mainstream enough to include yet on the main providers page.

I'm really a fan of any prepaid wireless program that offers auto recharge, or what is also often referred to as low balance auto topup, or low balance auto replenishment. Note that some programs will only trigger a topup if you cross a low balance threshold (ex. $5), while others will also trigger the topup when the funds expire. It's the expiration feature that you really want, because it ensures that you never ever lose your phone number (i.e. your account will never be canceled) even if you never use the phone.

Anyway, the advice of recharging with the lowest amount, and setting it up on auto recharge is great advice for people that have low usage but want to ensure that their phone is always available/active.

Feel free to follow the link to learn more about Autopay.

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