Tracfone Great For Students

by Jess
(Annville, PA, USA)

For years I was a loyal Tracfone customer, and my family swore upon them. I bought my first Tracfone when I entered ninth grade. Although at first I barely used it, as I got towards my license I started to use it more and more. By the time I was a junior I was paying for the minutes on my own, finding it much cheaper than a contract plan. When I went away to college I still swore by Tracfones. I would still be using Tracfone if my school didn't eliminate the free incoming calls to my dorm room.

Tracfone had great choices for purchases for people like myself that needed to refill the card monthly (I generally bought the $40-60 card), or for people like my parents who barely used the cell phone except when traveling (120 minutes with year activation). The expiration dates were great, and I never felt like I was forced to buy minutes when I didn’t need them. It was also nice that you could change what kind of card you bought to suit your needs as you saw fit.

Whith the notification status was on your phone, I felt that this was the best constant reminder for when your minutes were going to expire. Initially the per minute value on my first two Tracfones was okay. It was 1 minute for talk time, 0.5 minutes for incoming and outgoing text messages. As texting became more and more popular the newer phones changed this to 1 minute for talk time, and the phone I had was .3 per minute outgoing text, and .1 minute incoming text.

Another amazing feature for people like me was the double minutes for a year. I would buy the more expensive card once a year, and then every card from there on out would allow me to double my minutes on each card I bought for the remainder of the year.

I would definitely recommend this prepaid cell phone for students, those who don’t need cell phones that much, as well as those for children who may not understand cell phone plans and overages yet. These plans teach children responsibility and if parents are willing to only spend a certain amount each month, or make children pay for their own line, it teaches students money management skills as well as responsibility. Additionally, I found that it had very few dead zones no matter where I traveled to when on trips with school.

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Feb 25, 2011
Tracfone is great
by: Trisha

Tracfone offers a quality network for great coverage and reception no 2 ways about it. I've been using Tracfone for over 5 years now, I started during my student years and haven't stopped enjoying the big savings of using their plans.
My goal in life is to spend as little money on expenses like phone costs and save for my retirement and holidays.
I think people get side tracked by fancy phones and that's where you loose hundreds of dollars a year.
Tracfone's phones are not fancy but they are good phones and won't fail you and if one ends up in the washing by accident you're not going to miss $10 too much.

Feb 24, 2011
tracfone for oldies
by: greta

Tracfone is great for us oldies too as we get to call all over the world as well as the States at the same per minute rate which gets even cheaper with double minutes. Money gets tighter as you get older and need more health-care so the savings I make using a Tracfone are really important.

Feb 06, 2011
Yes it is
by: Mickey Bitsko

It's a great first phone for kids and seniors too.

Not sure about anyone wo talks and texts A LOT since it can get expensive but it's a good phone for people who need to be available and don't wanna spend big bux.

Feb 01, 2011
TracFone for students
by: Anonymous

I went my first year of college with a contract phone and I regret it everytime I think about it. I heard about TracFone and decided to give it a try. Can't be too bad if it's on the Verizon Network. I am paying $45/month for unlimited minutes, texts, and data. Great deal for college students!

Jan 25, 2011
Tracfone is Great
by: Michelle

Tracfone is great for anyone who doesn't need to talk a lot on the phone and who wants a phone for an emergency.
- I like the 911 emergency location assist feature on Tracfone so that if any of my family are in trouble and no one is around to help they can dial 911 and get help sent to them immediately.
- You can dial overseas no.'s to about 100 countries for the price of a local call.
- You can carry over or add minutes and service days to the next calling card total so that you never waste the minutes and service days you don't use.
- The cheapest calling card is for $19.99/60 min./90 service days.
- If you buy the 'double minutes for life' plan for $19.99 you are saving big money because you get double the minutes you buy for the life of the phone.
Tracfone offers the lowest out of pocket cost less than any other prepaid plan and it has the cheapest phones starting from $10 which is why I use their plans.
The reception is brilliant because Tracfone uses the combined power of the biggest networks in the country .

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