AT&T Pay As You Go Wireless

by Nijah Mayes
(Cherry Hill, NJ, USA)

A few years back , before I obtained my first cell phone plan, I used AT&T. Well at the time it was cingular pay as you go. At the time I believe denominations began at $20 and went as high as $100. Personally for me, at the time it was ok. I could just grab a card and I wouldn't have to worry about my services being disconnected, I could just add more money. But as with any cell phone plan, there were pros and cons. One pro of this particular plan is that AT&T offered many different plans to buy unlimited data, 200 mb of data and so on and so forth, so you were definitely offered the exact same options as you would with a contract plan. Which was also great because even if you ran out of minutes, you were still allowed to continue to use whatever data or text messaging plan you chose until you either ran out or your month was over.

Another great pro was that you were able to buy a plan which would allow you to obtain free nights and weekends which at the time was $19.99 a month. This was one of my favorite features because once again if you didn't have any credits on your account for phone calls, you were still able to use your night and weekend minutes. The cons of this plan would be for one the denomination starting at $20. And I only say that becasue I know T-Mobile prepaid starts at $10, which I think is useful in an emergency situation.

Another con, which isn't so much a con, because this applies to many plans, is that you are reqired to pay full price for a phone, although not all of them are very expensive. The expiration times were great becasue it never took me more than 30 days to use the minutes so it was helpful. But I was updated every time my account was docked money for whatever reason. Generally I was happy with this plan and would recommend it, but I would also advise them to be careful because those minutes run out FAST!

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Nov 14, 2011
AT&T is a Weak Prepaid Wireless Player NEW
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

I know, maybe this is a bit harsh, but it’s true. AT&T has had prepaid wireless offerings since the beginning of tem, however, they’ve never really done anything that one could say makes them a contender in the prepaid space. What their executive management will tell you is that this is an intentional strategy, and that they have no intention or desire to capture the “low end prepaid wireless space.” This is a mistake that will eventually catch up with them, particular now that their advantage of being the only U.S. carrier to have the iPhone (now Verizon AND Sprint have it) is long gone.

Prepaid Wireless is the major growth segment in wireless, and any executive thinking otherwise will eventually be exposed when they’re left behind. I don’t think I’ve ever seen AT&T’s prepaid wireless GoPhone plan offer anything even remotely interesting, let along innovative. They’re probably the only remaining major carrier to truly not have any reasonable focus on at least improving on this area of the business.

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