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by Shaz

I am trying to get my account information from i-wireless. I have asked them to give me my total minutes from Kroger at the beginning of a month plus the balance in my account from paying $20 every three months and the remainder at the end of a month.

They claim they cannot give me any information in a print out beyond three months. On May 24th I had an account balance of $162.81 and as of July 9th a balance of $57.81. I use this phone only in emergency situations and that happened at the end of May through June.

My question, which they refuse to answer or support through any accounting that I can make sense of after scrolling back and forth through their online call details, is how many free minutes I've had, where they have been applied, and how can I use over $100 in minutes plus my Kroger minutes in six weeks. They claim they don't have those records. Anybody else have this problem?

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Jul 19, 2012
Call History
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

I can also add some general background. Like other businesses and industries, prepaid wireless carriers are heavily regulated. While I can't recall the specific laws around providing customers access to call history, I do know from experience with various other prepaid providers that it's often limited to even only two or three months.

Most prepaid carriers don't provide the CDRs (Call Detail Records) directly to customers on their account profile. For example, on the Web My Account history page. I recall one carrier launching their monthly unlimited plan without any call records at all. The rationale at the time was that calls are all included in the unlimited plan, so providing that history isn't really necessary, nor was it deemed valuable.

We later came to realize that customers want to see certain details even if they're not chargeable events. Of course, in your case, each call has a cost/decrement from your account, so understanding that history is absolutely more important/valuable. Particularly when funds seem to be consumed much faster than expected, having the history to track down exactly what happened would be valuable. Did funds expire from non-use? Were there chargeable monthly events that hit the account that weren't supposed to, or that you weren't aware of? Was there a system issue?

While carriers often don't display these records, and call center reps can't usually access the history either, there are often manual system pulls from CDR records that they can do on an ad hoc basis to help research.

I understand that 6 weeks of history doesn't seem unreasonable at all to request, and hopefully i-wireless will be able to help you out. Please report back to let us know how it turns out for you!

Jul 19, 2012
Response to Shaz
by: Kelly


This is Kelly from i-wireless. Please send me an email with your i-wireless phone number and a summary of what you are looking for and I will see what I can do for you and what records are available.


It is important to note that because we operate on a pre-pay system, records of your phone activity are not always available for past months.

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