Tracfone lover!

by Steven

Have been on the Tracfone plan now for almost a year! Been loving it ever since. I actually paid for the double minutes for life card and for just like 40 bucks I get 400 minutes and 90 days of service.

Not to mention that there are no contracts and no monthly bills to handle. I think that they are also a very good option for people looking for a second line for a workphone or even a personal line.

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Nov 14, 2011
I Don't Like TracFone Points NEW
by: Ken

I have to say that I find TracFone’s double points card to be so confusing. It’s such an obvious great value if you plan on using their service for any reasonable amount of time. Of course anyone who understands what it means would buy it. Why wouldn’t they?! It just seems so darn sneaky to me. It’s kind of like mail in rebates.

People often buy products because the mail in rebate makes it a great deal, but then don’t mail it in! They either forget or can’t be bothered. If you’re going to give me a deal, and can afford to do so, then just give me the deal in the first place. Don’t make me jump through hoops or buy weird double points products to get the value. I’ll tell you why companies do it. Because a lot of people can’t be bothered with mail in rebates and forget about them over time, or don’t follow the rules to the letter and end up not qualifying. By then it’s too late to return the product. Companies know the redemption rate is so bad, that the extra expense of managing a mail in rebate program is well worthwhile.

TracFone is the only wireless company with this type of product. I don’t like it. I also don’t like their points/units system. Please don’t try to confuse customers by not using normal currency, but rather points. It makes us not realize the real cost of things!

Anyway, generally speaking I like TracFone. They have a lot of good deals and products. It’s just these two points that I don’t like. All I can say is know your products, read the fine print, and makes sure you get all of the value you can!

Mar 07, 2011
TracFone Service & Coverage
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

From what I've heard and read, TracFone has very good service and coverage. I don't think I've ever heard anyone complain about it! That said, I recommend checking their website to see if their coverage overlaps with where you work, play, etc. Please let us know your experience.

Mar 07, 2011
Good to hear..
by: gleefan

Glad I found your comment. We will be coming into hurricane season in a few months and have considered getting an extra phone for to have for emergencies. Landlines become useless and cell phones go into overload. So far, Tracfone seems to offer the best kind of plan options for this purpose. Just want to know if the service and coverage is dependable, makes the difference in the decision.

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