Sprint Prepaid Cell Phone
I Want A Sprint Branded Prepaid Phone!

Why Not a Sprint Prepaid Cell Phone Offer?
For me this was the question of the decade!  Here's what I mean by a Sprint prepaid offer.  I always envisioned walking into a Sprint store, perhaps seeking out a contract plan because I want a subsidy on my phone (i.e. sign a contract and get $200-$500 off a handset purchase).  They check my credit and tell me I need a $300 deposit (note that I'm completely making up this scenario; I have no idea what their deposit requirements are), and I decide that it's not for me.  I also consider that I don't want to worry about going over my plan minutes and getting stuck with surprise overages.  Regardless, a Sprint prepaid cell phone plan seems to be the right, or best choice for me at the time.

Sprint Buys Virgin Mobile - Skip to see the impacts now!

In my ideal world, that cool, high end smartphone I have in my hand is still the phone I want to use.  So they simply let me know that instead of $199 for the phone with a 2-year contract, I'll have to pay $500 for the phone, or let me use my unlocked compatible phone.  Fine, I'm ok with spending more money on the initial phone purchas, because I can still use the phone I want, and I'm not tied into a contract.  They proceed to sell me the phone and activate me on one of their prepaid plans, whether it be Pay-As-You-Go, Daily Plans, Monthly Plans, or Unlimited Wireless.

So, essentially, it's a fully integrated service where I make the conscious decision to want to buy Sprint.  I select my phone, I select my way to pay, and I choose my plan.  Easy, simple, done.  Then later on I can choose to change prepaid plans, or perhaps next year I decide that I love the service and want a phone upgrade, but don't want to fork over another $500 for another smartphone.  So I call Sprint (or go to a store) and sign up for a contract, get a discounted phone, select a new postpaid plan, and I'm good to go.  Or perhaps I decide to keep the same phone or give it to my family or friend, and they signup for a new plan (prepaid or postpaid depending on their needs).

The experience I describe differs greatly from what it actually is today.  Today you'd be redirected to a completely different phone lineup with an entirely different branding experience as they walk you over to the Boost Mobile or the Virgin Mobile section.  (Note that the Sprint Prepaid program they attempted never panned out, and was discontinued.)  If I don't like any of the phones or plans, will they point me to one of their MVNO partners?  Nope.  They send me out of the store and I go buy a phone at AT&T, Verizon, etc. down the street.  The concept I described is not new or innovative at all.  Other large carriers do that today.  Some do have restrictions on what phones they will allow you to activate on prepaid, however, that is continually evolving, and for the better!

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Sprint Prepaid Cell Phone

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