Pay As You Go Broadband by Country!

Pay as you go broadband (also known as prepaid broadband) is a really hot topic!  With the global interest in prepaid wireless phones, and the desire to avoid the expense and restrictions of a contract plan, why get a mobile broadband contract?  Even for people who do have postpaid contract phone plans, they're not interested in yet another contract for their mobile broadband connection; yikes!  Also, as people get familiar with how much data we actually need for our day to day use, PAYG broadband allows people to experiment with how much data to buy to meet our needs.  And best of all, if you try it and don't like it, or only need occasional access, you can easily control you costs with no contract prepaid broadband.

The great news is that prepaid broadband plan options have really expanded, and continue to pop up all the time, and all over the world!  In the table below you'll find a list of countries offering pay as you go broadband plans.  You'll find a variety of offerings, such as 24 hours access, daily, weekly, monthly, and monthly unlimited plans.  To review the details of the prepaid broadband providers in a given country, either click on the flag to the left, or the highlighted link under the company logos.  You'll be taken to a page where you can review the details of the broadband plans for that particular country.

I continually monitor the news to keep up with new providers, new plans, and new pricing.  As you can imagine, the pay as you go market is changing constantly, so please check back often to ensure that you keep up with the latest and greatest!

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Pay As You Go Broadband U.S. 
United States
 Cricket Prepaid Broadband    DataJack Prepaid Broadband     Mobi Prepaid Broadband   Ready Mobile Prepaid BroadbandMillenicom Prepaid Broadband
T-Mobile Prepaid Broadband    Verizon Mobile Broadband DAYPASS     Virgin Mobile Prepaid Broadband2Go       Xanadoo Prepaid Mobile UnlimitedBest Buy Connect Wireless Broadband
AT&T Data Connect Pass Prepaid Broadbandi-wireless Prepaid BroadbandTruConnect Mobile Prepaid Broadband
Canada Internet Broadband Services
Virgin Mobile Prepaid Broadband2Go  Wind Mobile Canada    Mobilicity Monthly Plans - Dave Wireless
Pay As You Go Broadband Australia 
 Optus Prepaid Broadband  Telestra Prepaid Mobile Broadband Three Mobile BroadbandVodafone Prepaid Wireless BroadbandExetel Prepaid Wireless Internet

Pay As You Go Broadband India
 Bharti Airtel Prepaid Broadband
Pay As You Go Broadband Israel
 Israel Cellcom Prepaid Broadband
Pay As You Go Broadband Malaysia
 Celcom Prepaid Broadband
Pay As You Go Broadband Philippines
 Globe Tattoo Prepaid Broadband Smart Bro International Broadband

Pay As You Go Broadband Singapore
 M1 Prepaid Broadband Singapore
Pay As You Go Broadband South Africa
South Africa
 iBurst Prepaid Broadband
Pay As You Go Broadband South U.K.
United Kingdom
 O2 Pay and Go Mobile Broadband Orange Mobile Broadband T-Mobile UK Mobile Broadband Plus Daily   Three Mobile Broadband   Vodafone TopUp and Go Prepaid Broadband

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Pay As You Go Broadband By Country

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