Prepaid Wireless Broadband Providers In Canada!

Are you looking for prepaid wireless broadband providers in Canada?  Prepaid broadband plans in Canada were slowly evolving a number of years ago, however, they appear to have regressed as market consolidation, and general network costs have changed.  Compared to the U.S. and other countries, Canada is still disappointingly far behind in terms available options.  Although historically people thought about mobile broadband as aWind Mobile Prepaid Hotspot nice-to-have, and only a handful of wireless carriers offered it, consumers are now proactively seeking out mobile broadband and hotspots as a necessary part of their work as well as personal lives.

The freedom to be able to access the Internet on your favorite non-phone mobile gadgets (ex. laptop or tablet), is a powerful proposition.  The only major hurdles these days are the price, and fear of the unknown.  How much data do I need?  Is this a good price?  Even if the price seems reasonable, and there's no contract, is it worth it?  Will it be fast enough to stream media, play online games, etc...

Even without a contract, people don't want to pay a high monthly charge for the occasional usage we expect to have with a mobile broadband device (at least compared to regular smartphone usage).  Also, it's hard for us to know exactly how much data we need, so we're fearful of buying too little data and running out prematurely, or paying too much for data that we don't use that ends up expiring.

Unlimited plans helped the U.S. to gain wireless broadband adoption, however, carriers have pulled back on those plans now that data hungry users are causing carriers to be concerned over their long term profitability.  In fact, unlimited high speed data plans no longer exist!  Canada has always been more conservative, and generally has sought to grow profitably rather than quickly.  As such, unlimited high speed data was never available.

I believe that as mobile broadband comes to be better understood and more readily available, people will feel more comfortable to try it out.  Of course, better and more available broadband modems, as well as more competitive pricing also helps a lot!

Please see the table below for a list of wireless broadband providers in Canada.  As it's continually being updated, please check back often to keep informed about the latest and greatest plans available!

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Provider Mobilicity Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go Telus Wind Mobile
Logo Mobilicity Monthly Plans - Dave Wireless Virgin Mobile Prepaid Broadband2Go Telus Mobile Broadband Wind Mobile Prepaid Broadband
(MB included)
$45 - 30 days
$10 - 100MB (30 days)
$30 - 500MB (30 days)
$45 - 2GB (30 days)
$70 - 6GB (30 days)
$85 - 10GB (30 days)
$40 - 10GB (30 days)
Equipment USB Modem
USB Modem
Mobile Hotspot Mobile Hotspot
Network GSM CDMA
(Bell Mobility)
4G 4G (HSPA+)
Notes Discontinued. Purchased by Chatr, which does not have mobile broadband.
Discontinued.  Now offer home Internet only:
$10/month per additional 3GB

Note:  If you're traveling internationally and are looking for local prepaid wireless broadband providers, you can compare plans by visiting International Wireless Broadband.

Wireless Broadband Providers In Canada

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