Wildblue Satellite vs. Verizon Broadband

by Connie
(Hastings, MI)

We had Wildblue satellite with 10,000MB usage cap for $90/month, but it is SLOW. Talked 2 separate times to Verizon about their 5 GIG service. Asked how 5 gig compared to 10,000 megabytes. We were told that the Verizon 5 Gig was "10 TIMES WHAT WE HAD WITH WILDBLUE" and at much, much faster speeds. This was confirmed when my husband went to possibly sign up for the service. So, we canceled the wildblue and got the Verizon. SURPRISE!! 5 Gig is HALF of the 10,000 megabytes we had with Wildblue! So...what was supposed to cost us $60/month was now a $222.00 bill for ONE MONTH. Talked to them about it...they don't care. They have a 10,000MB plan so we would have the same capacity as Wildblue, but it is $199.00 per month! (Crazy, I can buy 2 of their 5 gig plans for $120/month, but ONE 10 gig is $199/month ???) Their suggestion was to go back with Wildblue and use our "plan" for a wireless phone. In other words...we duped you, but you are stuck sucker!

WARNING, WARNING, WARNING: A 5 GIG CAP WILL NOT NOT NOT LET YOU WATCH MOVIES, DO GAMING ETC. We are on the net a LOT, but we don't even do THOSE things! And, their retailers can lie through their teeth when you ASK them to educate you on the difference of gig vs. megabyte, etc., but they still hold YOU to a 2 year contract that isn't worth 2 cents to us!!

GRRRRRRRRRRR I now officially HATE Verizon!!

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Mar 27, 2011
worse of two evials
by: Carl

Recently a friend told me he was moving and would have to chose between Hughes Net and Wild-blue and could I recommend one, over the other,I explained, that this would be like choosing, between beaten to death, with a rock or a stick. THERE WAS NO GOOD ANSWER. I had been with WB for about 3 years and after calling repeatedly about slow bad connections lousing signal on rainy,snowy,overcast,days. I finely upgraded to the pro package (very little improvement)
So when Dish-Net refused to upgrade my equipment because I had been a good customer for the past 15 years and was already set up for automatic pay they just could not do it,I told them that Direct tv was calling me weekly, with better offers, it was still NOPE.When I talked to the Direct-tv man I told him to bring along a hughes net dish too. I used up all my bandwidth in the first 24 hrs. I took that dish down right then. So it is WB. verizon was even worse.

Jan 23, 2011
by: HughesCRAP

After having both HughesNet and Verizon 3G wirless(MiFi), I have to say Verizon wins by a landslide! The Verizon MiFi actually delivers the speed that HughesNet would like you to think you are getting from satellite internet. I did several speed tests for both. The average speed on HughesNet was 100-200K. Their commercials say speeds UP TO 1.5MB but what they won't tell you is that the only time you will get that speed is during a time when nobody else is online (such as after midnight when everyone is asleep). Verizon's MiFi speed tests came in at 1.5-2.0MB blowing HughesNet away!

Jan 12, 2011
by: HughesSucks

The price of Verizon 10GB plan is only $80 a month plus $10 per GB that you use after that. The main thing is that with any limited internet service you have to keep up with how much you use. Instead of chraging you more for usage beyond your limited amount, satellite internet will throttle your speeds down to around dial-up speed when you reach your limit each month. Wild Blue limit you 10,000 MB(which is around 10 GB) per month, but HughesNet will limit you around 400 MB per day, so you really have to keep a check on it if you download music or stream short videos such as YouTube. ANY limited internet service will not be for streaming movies because it will eat up your bandwidth limits in no time. I am switching from HughesNet to Verizon Broadband today. I will let you know later how it compares.

Jan 05, 2011
Thank You
by: Anonymous

Your Comment just sealed my switch. I still have a few days left to return it. Thank you! I will keep my wildblue.

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