Unreachable Virgin Wireless Mobile

I was considering the purchase of prepaid Virgin Wireless Mobile. I phoned the nearest Sprint retail outlet to find out if the USB modem was in stock. I was kept on hold for 20 minutes and told that it wasn't in stock "today," but I could call back tomorrow. (As if I was going to call every day and wait on hold for 20 minutes. In addition, the connection on the Sprint end was very poor and scratchy, making the sales representative almost totally incomprehensible. Surely, a phone company should offer a clear connection to callers.)

So, I decided to try to deal with Virgin Wireless directly, but even more distressingly:

I decided to call the posted number for broadband support(1-877-877-8443) to see how a call would be handled. I tried twice, asking for activation and technical support, respectively. In both cases, after I made my request, I was hung up on! The call was dropped from the Virgin end after I was told I was being transferred. (This was during the middle of the day on a business day.)

Why should I do business with a company when I can't even reach someone using their advertised number for customer contact?

I can no longer consider purchasing Virgin Wireless Mobile and would discourage others, based on my experience. I'm glad I tried to get support before becoming a customer.

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Feb 23, 2011
customer service, yeah right
by: Anonymous

I gave up on the customer service the moment the rep said to me "well you do have five bars right, that should be good enough".


Yes it's a strong signal, but the speeds make me feel like I'm in 1998 dial up hell all over again. Lately I've just been using it with my iTouch while on the road, as I had to have regular wifi installed for my laptop when I'm at at home (I download large files for work and I am an avid Netflix streamer).

The mifi card I discovered is only good for very light internet browsing, checking twitter, e-mail etc. Not much more. Which is disappointing seeing how much I paid for the mifi modem.

Jan 16, 2011
Virgin: Less hip...more responsive
by: JD

The above comments about Virgin's "Broadband 2 Go" are spot on.

I am a VERY early adopter of Virgin's pre paid cell phone and was also an early adopter of BB2 Go w/ Virgin the first month it was offered.

I jumped over to Clear's wireless 4G briefly but the Clear coverage map did not indicate such a poor signal from my home. Clear: You're fired!

NOW I've had occasion to try UNSUCESSFULLY to reach Virgin's "customer service" for several hours with only their hip teen ager recorded phone tree getting the message wrong over and over. When I finally got a real person (only by indicating I wanted NEW service), not only is English not up to par, but they would only say "service is down for between 24-48 hours (while they install the new usage metering software).

I cannot endorse Virgin for these reasons and I've been a user (both phone and wireless broadband) longer than anyone. Virgin: You're fired!

So WHO WANTS MY BUSINESS? I'll pay in advance, I'm a low volume user, but will not sign a contract and want good coverage.

Is that too much to ask?

Mar 04, 2010
Virgin Broadband2Go Customer Service
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Wow, that's absolutely unreal. I can feel your deep frustration!

I've been reading a lot of negative comments about Virgin's Broadband2Go customer service, as well as issues installing the modem. Even though people who have issues are more likely to report them than people who are completely satisfied, these issues seem much too large for Virgin to ignore.

Having just launched their new $60/5GB monthly plan, Virgin is bound to get more customers. If they don't address these issues, even a seemingly small problem (if that's really what it is), will fast become a major issue for them.

It doesn't take much to do a Google search for "Broadband2Go issues" or derivatives of that, to see that people are having real issues.

Anyway, I think you're wise to have tested their customer service before buying the product. Although there's no contract, there's still an out of pocket cost for the modem, and the irritation of having to return it if you're not happy. Please let us know what prepaid broadband service you end up going with, and how you like it!

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