Steve Jobs Dies On October 5 2011

by PrepaidWirelessGuy

On October 5th 2011 the world received the news that Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, died after years of struggling with pancreatic cancer. I could say that he “passed away,” however, the more crude “died” seems to more appropriately reflect the cruel early loss of such a genius. This site wouldn’t be true to its passion for technology, mobile computing, and wireless in particular, without a brief note about Steve Jobs. Also, I want to note that I decided to put this in the iPad reviews section, for it seemed like the most appropriate place for it, given that the Apple iPad was Steve Jobs’ final and significant contribution to the technology world.

I’m not going to recite his career history or specific product accomplishments as those can be found on probably millions of website and blogs around the globe, and the spirit of this site is to be unique, and not to copy what can be easily found on other sites.

I simply wanted to express that the world truly lost a unique and special person. His talents were particularly unique in that he was a talented artist in his own right, and also had an uncanny vision for technology, design, and sales. He was essentially able to demystify the complexity of modern technology, and make sleek, sexy products that “just worked.” Many people debate and argue (as I do as well!) that much of his products, while beautiful in industrial design and ease of use, are limiting in features and flexibility. Many would argue that some products for which Apple found great success were not innovative at all, but rather, he took elements of what others had some (some well and some poorly), and put them altogether in a easier, prettier product that drove the competition crazy. Notwithstanding, Steve Jobs did what he did so well, and so consistently that it really is awe inspiring.

Consider how many times companies had tried to sell tablet/slate computers; they failed time and time again. Along came Steve Jobs and Apple with the iPad. Most people would agree that with the iPad Apple created a new market as people weren’t asking for them, nor do many people still really know why they need one; they just know that they want one! And further to that, Apple has always been
able to command a price point on all of its products that is virtually unexplainable aside from people’s love for the brand. I say that because most of Apple’s computing products can be purchased from other providers that have similar products with better specifications, features, customizability, and at a lower cost, and yet people continue to be happy paying the Apple premium.

Steve Jobs and what he contributed to the world is truly remarkable. Whether or not you like Apple’s products or philosophies, Steve Jobs’ genius is undeniable, and you have to respect that (well you don’t have to, but most do!). I, along with most of the world, are now asking ourselves what Apple will become in the next ten years? Of course Steve was surrounded by highly intelligent and talented teams of individuals who helped him accomplish his vision. However, unlike virtually any other company on the planet, Steve seems to have consistently proven that he truly was a driving force behind Apple’s innovation and design prowess. What is to become of Apple once the five year roadmap is completed that Steve apparently left for Apple just prior to his resignation as CEO? It’s hard to believe that any one person can be so talented and tied to the everyday operations that makes a company successful; however, history shows that might very well have been the case with Steve and Apple. I suppose only time will tell.

It truly is amazing how many extraordinary products Apple has launched over the years. I don’t recall the specific statistic, but it’s been said that Apple’s primary revenue in a given period of time (ex. 5 years) comes from products that weren’t even in existence before that period. For example, the iPod, then the iPhone, then the iPad. Remarkable! Companies often attempt to veer from their core products in an attempt to expand their product base and hence their addressable market, however, to shift to this degree, and with such consistent success is a phenomenon that will certainly be studied for decades to come.

Steve jobs was a remarkable human being, and the world will miss him, and everything that would have been had he lived for even just another five or ten years. My heart goes out to his family, and I thank him for his contribution to global technology.

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Nov 11, 2013
Where Would Apple Be Now... NEW
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

...if Steve Jobs were still around? No doubt that tech enthusiasts and financial markets alike have been asking this questions a lot over the past year.

While Apple continues to sell an astonishingly large volume of iPads and iPhones, overall, the company's performance, and worldwide market share have been declining.

The reality is that it hasn't launched anything truly innovative for years. Making the iPad smaller and thinner simply isn't enough. "Stretching" the iPhone's screen to 4" is borderline pathetic. In a world as diverse as this one, can Apple really be so arrogant as to offer only one device to meet the needs of everyone?

When I think about the impact that Steve Jobs had on not only Apple, but the entire world of technology, I can't help but think where the company would be now had Steve Jobs not died. I have to believe that Apple would be in a far better position than it is in currently.

It will be truly interesting to see where Apple is 5 years from now, which is like 20 years in any other industry!

Nov 07, 2011
Steve Jobs Wasn't Perfect
by: Anonymous

It's pretty amazing the impact that Steve Jobs had on the computer market, music industry, and also the smartphone industry. It's interesting because in the wake of his death a lot of people are talking about how imperfect he and Apple were/are, and how Apple didn't innovate as much as people think, how Steve Jobs was difficult to work for, etc.

All of this may very well be true, however, while it's definitely good discussion, I don't think anyone can deny how amazing his contributions were. I too am very curious to see how things will unfold in five or ten years from now when whatever he helped get into the pipeline is gone, and what the non-Steve Jobs Apple brings to the table. My gut tells me that they have great people working there, and a culture that can survive without Steve. But I don't think they'll be as great as they were or could be with him around. Alas we'll never truly know! Or will we?!

Oct 06, 2011
Sad day ... Steve Jobs dies
by: ShopBestDirect

I don't own and Apple Ipad or an Apple Iphone or even an Apple MacBook Pro... but I see how Steve Jobs has inspired the world and how we communicate with each other everyday. He was one of those "guys" like Mozart or Einstein... people who loved what they did and shaped our lives while having fun doing it.
You will be missed!

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