Ready Mobile Service (not cheap, but fast and reliable)

by Christopher Reynold
(Santa Monica, CA)

I've been using the Ready Mobile Service for the past while, and I like it because it's:

1) really fast, and
2) provides solid service

The service is on the Sprint network which is highly rated for its speed, if not number one. You pay a bit of a premium for the service, but because the coverage is so good, it's worth it for me as I depend on staying in touch.

Plan Choice:
I use the weekly plan because I'm often on the road a week at a time. I'd use it more often, but until the price comes down, it's a bit too expensive for everyday, long-term use.

The amount of data on the plan is sufficient for my needs, mostly just using it for emails and the Internet.

The plan isn't cheap, but it's worth it as you're not locked into a contract. Freedom is a good thing!

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