Ready Mobile Broadband User

I've signed up for Ready Broadband and have been using it for a couple of weeks. I was confused about a couple of minor set-up issues, but called their toll-free number and received the help I needed. (In life, I've found people from Iowa are generally good folk -- I hope this extends to Iowa-based Ready and its employees.)

The system activates quickly when requested and a new message is sent to the Ready software's "mailbox" with details of remaining time and data balances. During the first five minutes of connection, the software has a disturbing tendency to display pop-up advisories from the task bar, often the same message ("Online!" /yes, I know/) repeated over and over. I haven't called yet to see if this can be stopped. But, it all works and I'm able to swiftly get online while out and about.

With the $50 price for the USB modem and the current prepaid service prices, Ready seems like the best bet for those of us who need occasional, light usage. I briefly considered Virgin, which offers more data for a lower price, but with a higher initial USB modem cost. However, as described in a previous post, I was hung up on in two different attempts to get assistance. I've had no such issues in contacting Ready.

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