Prepaid Mobile Broadband Service in India

by Eliyazer

I used Reliance Postpaid Broadband (USB datacard) six months back. I have tried Airtel, Hathway, BSNL, Reliance etc. When compared with all above I found Reliance is the best one.

A guy from Reliance called me and gave me complete details about the data card. I purchased the data card immediately. He activated the service for it on the same day I purhcased the device. About the activation or installation they activated the service on the same day when I purhcased the device.

I found that Reliance is best at that time. The coverage is really good but only if we use it in big cities. If we use the same device/service in rural areas the coverage is very poor. The speed is really good nearly 3.1 MBPS speed. If we use it in rural areas the speed will be very low as I tried using it in the rural areas.

Nearly a year ago the rental for all the Broadband plans was very high. I choose the plan 15 GB night usage plus 15 GB day usage. So totally I can use 30 GB including browsing and downloading. I used it almost for six months continuously. Every month I used to pay 1200 to 1400 Rs as the monthly rental. There was no unlimited plans at that time. But after six months suddenly I got a bill as 9300 Rs. After that I stopped using the Reliance datacard. I paid 4500 Rs for purhcasing the datacard device. Now its costs has been reduced to 2300 Rs.

Everything has been changed now. Everywhere they are selling such data card devices for around 2300 Rs. Also, in every networks they are offering unlimited free plans starting from 750 Rs to 900 Rs. MTS data card has become the cheapest one nowadays. The device costs just around 1000 to 1500 Rs. In MTS one can enjoy unlimited free browsing and downloading if we pay 750 Rs as the monthly rental. The coverage is really good in MTS. Wherever we go we can use MTS as the coverage is good in all areas.

It's better not to take any postpaid data service plans as they will have high charges. The main fact is not that they will charge high. We use it unnecessarily without our knowledge that's the reason we are being charged high. Also another thing, it is best to take unlimited prepaid plans. This is because we can use it up to a certain extent(say 5 GB or 10 GB). If our usage goes beyond this limit we will be charged heavily. So my advice is that it's better to use unlimited prepaid plans.

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