MobilityPass Credibility

by Dutchharborjohn
(Dutch Harbor, Ak)

This website recently published an interview with MobilityPass, which named numerous positive reasons to use MobilityPass. Reality, however, seems to be quite different, both from my experience and those of others.

There are numerous complaints on the Internet specifically naming MobilityPass as a rip-off and scam firm.

There are legal issues concerning the MobilityPass web page, which fails to mention or makes it difficult to find certain charges. Also the practice of MobilityPass of directly accessing customers' bank accounts, sometimes months after the last use of the MobilityPass account, and withdrawing large amounts of money without even providing an invoice.

There are also numerous complaints about poorly functioning Internet connectivity and very poor service.

I've been informed that Vista is looking into customer complaints, and might ban MobilityPass from using the Vista service.

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Jan 13, 2021
BAD is not enough for this company NEW
by: Iulian

Bad is not enough for this company.

I paid for an Apple watch custom eSim on the 8th of December, and on the 29th (so after 21days, even if they claim you have in few minutes) and maaaany unanswered messages i got a normal esim which is connecting on the phone, but not on the Apple Watch. You cna get that one for few Euro in many other places...
I sent them all the evidence that their eSim is not good , I even went to Apple store and they struggled for 1 hour and they told me what I already knew: provided eSim is not working on an Apple watch .
I asked for a refund(based on their policy) but they keep saying they gave me a good product, and they pretend everything is ok on their side.... which is not based on all the evidence I sent.

I don't recommend, It looks like I lost 120E for nothing.

Sep 17, 2012
Did not work, offered same excuse they offered others
by: Adrian

Would not connect. Web has numerous comments aiong same line on this company's SIM card. When contacted they gave the same excuse as others have received when complained...i.e There is the occasional faulty one, and they offer to replace. The one that did arrive, took forever, and I was due to depart on my trip, a replacement was of no use. Demanded refund... they then offered more excuses. Luckily I had paid via Paypal. I lodged a claim through Paypal and received a full refund.

Jul 10, 2012
Pathetic liers
by: Annon

Does not work. Avoid. It is illegal in every country to sell something that does not function as advertised. This company is a fraud and liers.
1. At first enquiry told me it would take 10 - 20 days to arrive (22 days later with only a week before my trip, they had not even sent the SIM card.
2. When arrived after I stuck in to them, it does not connect.
3. Did not reply to my email about it not working
4. Internet contains a lot of simlar reviews about this crapy company.

Apr 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

Avoid at all cost. Very poor service. Staff not fluent in English. They charge $83 for a phone call I did not make in Norway allegedly for 3 hours. They refuse to reverse the charges. Spotty and non-existing service in Sarasota,Florida.

Sep 02, 2010
MobilityPass reviewed, recommended reading
by: Anonymous

I found this new review of MobilityPass on the Internet. Most detailed description yet of the misfortunes of a MobilityPass customer.

Another Review

Aug 01, 2010
Disatisfied customer
by: Douglas

I've had the unfortunate experience of using MobilityPass. Two years ago I was looking for an inexpensive way to get Internet access while traveling. I fell for the misleading sales pitch on the MobilityPass web site. 45 minutes of Internet connection while in France cost me $420, plus the money wasted on a MobilityPass usb modem and sim card.
They charged me about $10 per minute of use, for a slow, and unreliable Internet connection. I was shocked by the amount of money that MobilityPass withdrew from my bank account, when I requested the excess overcharge to be returned MobilityPass refused. Also they refused to return the money in my "Customer Account" that MobilityPass had topped up by another $50 without asking me, even if the account was already far above the minimum that MobilityPass says must be on the account.

This Summer I returned to France on vacation and was able to get free Internet at three of the four hotels I stayed in. At the camping place I stayed for one week there was Internet access via an Orange Hotspot. When I turned on my laptop a message from popped up offering me access via Orange, but with the payment paid from my Skype account. I took up this offer and had excellent access the whole week for a total of $15, using about 90 minutes Internet access in six days.
Anyone wishing to make international phone calls would be able to use Skype and your Internet connection, whether it's a free or a commercial hotspot for far less than the overpriced and unreliable MobilityPass phone sim card.

No one should fall for the MobilityPass sales pitch, they are a rip off firm and technology has long ago passed them.


Jul 13, 2010
MobilityPass is a ripoff
by: Anonymous

I agree with the other posters that MobilityPass is a ripoff. They have excesive charges, very poor customer service and the worse aspect is they charge your credit card without authorisation.

Apr 18, 2010
Do not use
by: Arumugaswami

Same experience as others report. Very, very high rates for service. I was actually unable to cancel my account, which had a 100 euro deposit tied to my credit card. All I could do was cancel the credit card and give up the 100 euro deposit. Do not use this company.

Feb 21, 2010
by: Edward Drohan

I too find it disconcerting that mobilitypass deduct money without any reference to me.

However I must take exception to many of the comments about them. I had an issue with them, that I was deducted a large connection charge at a hotspot in a hotel. Subsequently I saw that this charge was listed on the website. I complained to them that my 10 second connection cost me over rather a lot of money. They replied immediately, asked me for my log details of the internet session, and refunded my money. They were courteous polite and helpful. Edward

Feb 06, 2010
Very useful information,Thank you
by: Javier Perez Cruz

There is a growing number of mobile broadband providers, some offer good quality and others less so, but one thing they all have in common is very high roaming charges if you leave the area that the SIM card was intended for. MobilityPass has this problem, that's to say wherever you use their SIM card you get hit with very high roaming charges. That's not the fault of MobilityPass, except they do not warn their customers of what to expect,thus the complaints. I have some reviews of MobilityPass at

Dec 23, 2009
"unidentified member"
by: MobilityPass team

Dear Mr./Ms. "Dutchharborjohn"

This is not the first comment from you that has been reported
to us, and up until today we are not able to identify you as one of our

There are some posts like yours that are posted with a false
identity/alias by the same user. We always tend to solve matters with
our members and are always at their disposal to solve any issue brought
to our attention if the member is known to us and reports directly to

Until that time we presume that the reviews posted by you, are
posted in order to continue this libel against our company and

If you are indeed one of our members then please contact us,
we do not believe that any problem needs to be left unsolved.

Also if you are member you should know that all your detailed
information of all your activities can be found in your member area and
include :

Your detailed usage of the services certified by the operator
you were
using in the country you visited:

The support area is also available and at your service always.
For support we provide ticket service 24 hours and phone assistance in
4 continents during 12 hours a day.

For general information you can visit our web
site to have
all detailed information, rates and terms of services at

MobilityPass´ future focus is on continuing, providing and
international secured communications for professional corporates,
governments and important people around the world.
Our corporate philosophy strives forward differentiating ourselves from
the rest of the marketplace by understanding that our customer is our
principal partner and ensuring the highest quality of services.

With kind regards,


Dec 21, 2009
MobilityPass Feedback
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Thank you for your contribution. The one and only objective of this site is to provide an honest, open look at prepaid wireless and prepaid broadband. If there are issues with MobilityPass, I will certainly want those highlighted here to ensure that visitors have the opportunity to collect as much, and well-rounded information as possible.

The interview section is there to allow end users to gain some insight into what companies are thinking, read about their unique benefits, and generally gain more knowledge about what the company has to offer and their perspective on the prepaid wireless/broadband space. While there will always be people who have positive and negative experiences with every company, if a particular provider has specific and widespread issues, I would not support pitching of those services on the site.

I did some additional searching on the Internet to see what information I could find. I found a few complaints posted by the same person, and another person complaining about an unexpectedly high connection charge. Other than that, I didn’t get a lot of search results per se. I’m a huge proponent of companies having transparency with respect to charges and fees. It’s important for customers to know what to expect and not be surprised by additional charges. After all, repeat business and word of mouth referrals are really valuable, so avoiding unexpected fees are always wise. I’ll need to do some more research in order to gain a better understanding of MobilityPass’ pricing, and whether or not customers are having issues.

I will request my contacts at MobilityPass to comment. In the meantime, if you could help me, and the visitors to this site, by sharing any links to specific feedback that you noted that would be helpful in investigating what’s going on. Thank you!

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