Idea Net Setter Prepaid Internet Scam

by Reni
(Kayamkulam, Kerala, India)

I am sharing here my worst experience with Idea cellular prepaid connection. Due to regular follow up and lucrative plans with commitment of standard service by Idea cellular marketing executive, I have taken the prepaid wireless broadband connection. I brought an Idea net setter recently. They said that it gets a speed about 120kbps. But now i am just getting speed around 10-20kbps. Could you believe that it took 10 mins to open web pages. Finally I gave a complaint to the Idea officials, and they did not respond.

They said you will be getting good speed only when 3G launches. They also charged me 300rsrefundable extra security deposit in addition to the cost of net setter. When I asked for my deposit back they said that they are not charging any extra money and did not refund my money back.

They said that the 3G launch may take 2-3 months time. I wasted 1600rs the cost of net setter and also an extra 550 per month. From what I hear, all of the customers who bought Idea net setter are very angry with the Idea company. So I have requested that all of my friends not buy Idea prepaid internet.

Their customer service is pathetic. The ad to wait for the customer service to answer the call enacted by the actor is a baseless claim. They are not ashamed to say that they have 256 kbps speeds, and when we call they tell us to go and complain. I contacted my advocates to register a case against the Idea prepaid internet company for cheating us. Rest assured the court will decide. Idea net setter is a useless modem. Idea is mis-guiding the people by promising false statements.

It is the slowest broadband connection available in the market today. Many times you will see the problem/error no. 619: connection to the remote computer could not be established. It's not worth buying this modem. It seems that they just cheat the customer by giving the wrong information at the time of your purchase. But after you purchase the information then gets changed. What I mean to say is that Idea is a real public cheater.

Beware of the Idea net setter product. They provide very bad service to the public and country. I really want to sue the Idea company and take them to court. I am totally fed up!

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Sep 01, 2011
You Are Right About Prepaid Idea Net Setter
by: Anonymous

Yes Buddy I Agree with you that before recharging they said me that after recharging I will get 230kbps speed, but now they will not be able to provide me constant 30kbps. When I call their Idea care representatives, they said due to the network or some other problems like an increase in the number of users, that's why we are not getting good speed. i.e. A capacity issue.

Really this is the only thing which irritate me to no end.

Net setter is the worst service and Idea really should stop this service as soon as possible, or they really need to pay more attention to after sales service.

They also need to increase their network quality/capacity according to the number of users they have.

Even the government has to take strict action against them. If they are talking about 144 to 230 kbps, then why they don't they provide that speed to consumers? That's false advertising and fraud.

The government should ban this type of false advertising, which really is just a waste of money & time.

Feb 09, 2011
Reply to your complaint
by: Ideacellular

Dear Sir,

Kindly provide your Idea cellular number for further assistance. You can also get in touch with our Customer care centre - details updated on Idea website.


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