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Have you been researching e-book readers?   Reading ebook reader reviews, after learning about what products and features are available, is a great way to get feedback from real people using them in the real world.  Well look no further, because below you can not only read what others have said, but you can share your own experience, or even share your thoughts about critical features or issues that you foresee even if you haven't yet bought aBarnes and Noble Tab Nook eReader digital book reader.  If you haven't yet checked it out, feel free to learn more about these devices by visiting the Wireless Reading Device section.

The handheld ebook reader market really began to take off in 2010 when Amazon and Barnes and Noble began a price war on their products, the Kindle and the Nook, respectively.  With the price dropping, and even more competition offering so many great options, the ebook reader has become so affordable, practical, and feature rich.  Many now even look and feel much like tablet computers.  In fact, Samsung provides many of the current Nook models.

For those wondering how a handheld ebook reader fits into the spirit of this website, which focuses on prepaid wireless, you'll be happy to  know that I have an answer!  Most of these devices have wireless capability, and whether you're looking for WiFi or 3G/4G broadband connectivity, you'll want to find free or prepaid plans.  Fortunately, because the cost of these devices is relatively low, they're largely being offered on prepaid, no contract wireless plans.  So there's the connection.  In other words, please don't sign a contract to get wireless data on your ebook reader!

Of course you can write about anything that's on your mind in your ebook reader reviews, but here are some things that people commonly ask about, so please feel free to use these topics to help you in writing your ebook reader reviews:
  • How did you decide to buy the device that you did vs. using a smartphone, phablet, or tablet?
  • Is form factor important to you?  (ex. size, shape, color, battery life, operating system (ex. Android)
  • How much do you think is reasonable to spend on such a device, particularly given that you probably have other capable devices as well?
  • Is mobile wireless connectivity important or useful to you (i.e. 3G/4B broadband, versus just using WiFi when available?
  • Some people mock that a lot of ebook readers still don't have color screens.  Serious readers, however, seem to prefer eInk (black text on a white background); what are your thoughts or experience with eInk?
  • Do you have trouble reading it in the dark or low light?  What about outdoors in the bright sun?  Do you use a built-in or after market light to read with eInk devices?
  • How important are other features like accessing the Internet on your ebooks reader, note taking, built-in dictionary, etc.?
  • If you are using 3G/4G, or would like to, how important is the wireless carrier to you?  i.e. Would you buy (or not buy) a device based on the carrier that's powering the broadband connection, or are you more concerned about the general features of the device itself?
  • Other?

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