Death Of The eBook Reader!

In my opinion death of the eBook reader is inevitable. Its original incarnation made a lot of sense. A small digital device with a relatively large screen that can replace physical books. But that was before tablets, smartphones, and phablets. So really, what's the point now? Die hard eBook reader fans will talk about e-ink and how easy it is on the eyes, however, they must attach a light to it to read in the dark. People will tout how color screen are tiring on the eyes, and tablets and phablets are heavy and hard to hold.

Well, all that has changed dramatically between 2010 and 2013. These alternative devices are small and lighter, and have comparable battery life. They also provide all kinds of other functionality that is so useful, like email, Internet, access to social media, videos, pictures, etc....the list goes on. Even eBooks have evolved to allow for many of these features. So, really, the lines are blurring. Even the higher end eBook readers now have similar color screens, so even that benefit is disappearing.

Sure, I can understand that an avid book reader might still argue that e-ink screens are easier on the eyes. I think it's only a matter of time when display technology will allow such a viewing experience to be easily enabled on regular tablet devices.
That way the user can enjoy a bright vibrant screen for multi-media, and an e-ink-like experience for serious reading. Maybe that's the only real outstanding argument to have a dedicated eBook reader. But even then, do you want to manage a separate smartphone or tablet in addition to an eBook reader? I would argue that the average person will simply prefer to carry around one device that can do everything they need.

So it seems inevitable that the death of the eBook reader as it was originally born is imminently around the corner. It was a great idea that served its purpose, but can now be considered as defunct as are black and white TVs. I think this evolution will be one of those things that a relatively small group of people will miss, and see supposedly modern technology as fundamentally defunct for meeting that particular need (until an e-ink option is available on regular tablet screens that is).

Serious eBook readers should probably seek to take special care of their current device, or buy a backup device, because there will likely be a significant gap in time where they'll miss their old device. The reality is that the market for such a device isn't large enough, or future-proof enough for companies to continue to support its development. So eBook fans, start planning now...sorry!

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Mar 02, 2017
This Is Humorous! NEW
by: Anonymous

Well, now that a few years have passed, it's fair to say that this prediction was wrong, wrong, wrong! eReaders are still prevalent, and offered from many different manufacturers.

What I do, however, find curious is how much eReader fanatics claim that the screens on their devices are so much better on the eyes because of the e-ink (or whatever currently technology is being used). I say that due to the fact that many popular devices marketed as eReaders, like the Nook, have "normal" color screens. Though it appears as though Amazon's most popular Kindle devices still do primarily have e-ink.

Anyway, despite being able to get fantastic resolution tablets that are super light and easy to hold, eReaders are very far from dead. Don't get me wrong, that wasn't an completely unreasonable prediction. It just so happens to have never (or not yet) materialized.

Apr 04, 2013
Have you seen... NEW
by: Anonymous

...the iPad Mini? I don't know what you're currently using, but it's probably about the same size and the same weight, if not lighter. You can easily hold it in one hand. It was created largely because people were complaining that holding the regular iPad for reading, laying back on the couch, in bed, etc. was just too difficult due to its size and weight. It's really super light, and I'm sure Android tablets will ultimately get to that weight as well.

Also, why can't you read on your phablet? It's probably smaller and lighter than your eReader. If it's because the screen is too bright (i.e. tiring on the eyes), I believe that over time you'll have the option to adjust the screen properties for reading books that will look more like the classic eReader e-ink.

Apr 03, 2013
Noooo! to the Death of the eReader NEW
by: Stephanie

I love my phablet but I would never want to read a book on it. I can only tolerate dense internet writing on it in small doses. I love, love, love my eReader. A tablet is too bulky to read in bed which is where I do almost all my reading. I hope you are wrong. I want my eReader as part of my life least for the immediate future.

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