Cricket Unlimited No Contract 3G Broadband Modem with No Contract

by Sinclair Hubert
(Arlington, VA US)

I have tried a lot of broadband services over time, but Cricket 3G Broadband is by far the best broadband service out there.

Here are the reasons why:
1. No Contract or Credit Checks.
2. Free after $50 Mail in Rebate.
3. 200 - 400 KBS which is pretty fast for mobile broadband.
4. First month is free when ordering online.
5. Just $40 a month afterwords.

It really kills the competition especially with the online pricing.

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Aug 29, 2012
"Customer Service" NOT, - slowdown NEW
by: Stormrx

Summary; they have major problems: data tracking affecting access speed, no functional "Customer Service," and poor telephone answer tree. Rate as "0" star.

I have Cricket for about 3 years. Recently, that is, this past week, Aug 23 to Aug 27, 2012, I had a major slowdown in speed. To isolate the problem, I connected to internet via Wi-Fi at a local McDonalds restaurant. The problem was with Cricket. I called "Customer Service." Wading through their prompts is a chore. Got "local" dealers via voice. The voice was difficult to understand, and the phone numbers given was too fast and not understandable. The voice was poor for phone messaging. No choices to repeat. Finally got real person. Significant accent, told they were "in Asia." I was told that I had exceeded the the allowance since billing date, or not paid. I was on Auto pay. Could about hear the oops from him. Give other excuses why slowed to nearly nothing. Ignored was it was just 3 days since new billing cycle, and we do only e-mail, software updates, the largest was 1.3 m, of the five I had done. No movies, no on-line games. Our record of usage shows that. Summary, after 3 calls, including switched to "technical". was only talk. They could not, or will not do anything other than talk and that I had exceeded the allowance. BTW - an auto text message said I still had 10% full speed remaining. But that was not honored. There is no way we used anywhere near that amount in those few days. Repeating, "Customer Service" is talk only. So-called Supervisor said no one was over him. same position. I replied that I doubted he owned the company. I suspect he was just anther in the same position, sounding much the same age.

Major problems: data tracking affecting access speed, no functional "Customer Service," and poor telephone answer tree.

Jul 05, 2011
Cricket Broadband Fair Usage Policy
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

I agree. Once you go over your data limit in a given month, they throttle your speed so much that it's basically useless.

One point of clarification is that while Cricket used to do a rolling average calculation, your speed is restored at the beginning of each month (i.e. each billing cycle).

On their site they state:
"Once you begin a new bill cycle your rate plan Usage Level upload and download speeds will be restored."

You can view all of the details here:
Cricket Fair Use Policy

Jul 04, 2011
Cricket Broadband is InterNOT
by: Anonymous

Sadly, we have had Cricket broadband for almost 5 months. Our family calls it the "InterNOT."

Unlimited is meaningless because they throttle your speed down to .01mbps (I am not kidding) when you get to 1/2 of whatever GB's you paid for. So they slow you at 1GB on the 2GB plan BEFORE you get to the 2GB!

And if you decrease your usage, the next month you do not start at the fast speed again because they use your average usage from the month before. So you are never getting fast internet.

The above reviews LIE LIE LIE. Cricket broadband internot is terrible. Forget youtube, no Hulu, and kids cannot play online game; the only thing you can do is check email, which is also slow slow slow!

Mar 23, 2010
Cricket Nationwide Coverage
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Cricket just announced today that it will have nationwide coverage for its customers with no additional roaming/traveling fees. The news doesn't specifically mention prepaid broadband, but the assumption is that it includes all of its wireless offers.

The nationwide coverage is a result of partnerships with Verizon and Sprint. While they will continue to sell product only where Cricket has native coverage on its own network, if you have their products, you'll be able to get coverage nationwide. This is fantastic news for Cricket customers, and changes the game for them considerably.

Mar 22, 2010
Cricket has limits
by: Oliver

I think the $40 price is justified if you consider the coverage limitations. I used to travel between SD and LA a lot and you can't roam with your Cricket card in MetroPCS markets and even within San Diego, coverage was not perfect.

I rather go Sprint or Verizon with their EVDO coverage than Cricket because you have more coverage unless you never travel outside a Cricket market.

Go with Virgin (Sprint) and you see not only better speed but better coverage.

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