Cricket Sucks - Clear Works Great!!!!

by Dana
(Salt Lake City, UT, USA)

I organize a free yearly healthcare clinic. The providers need to access medical records through their hospital systems at the clinic. So, I went about trying to obtain a donation of free wireless internet modems for the weekend only. No takers, Sprint, Verizon, and Cricket said no. So, I purchased Cricket modems.

The hospital's IT person spent 4 hours on the phone with someone in India just to get the modem activated. Then on the first day of the clinic, the modem wouldn't work at all - zero connection. I borrowed my friend's Verizon modems (which did work, but wasn't donated). Cricket did not stop charging my credit card for 9 months. They said I had to cancel the service online using the modem that I couldn't get to work to even load the Cricket page. I had to dispute the charges every month for 9 months.

All this was for a non-profit event that I organize - I felt like I was penalized for being the organizer.

So, this year, my husband found Clear. Yay! Clear to the rescue!!!!! They not only donated the equipment to outfit every provider at our event with a wireless modem, they also, came and installed the software (which is quite easy I might add) personally. It was not 4G, but it worked well. We did notice that as 4000 people came through our event on their cell phones that the modem connections started reducing and dropping - this happened the year before with the Verizon modems too. So, I called the main Clear customer service and told them and they sent someone out to our event within the hour with boosters and everything was honky dory again.

Because of Clear, our event was a success and 4000 people were able to get free healthcare (immunizations, dental work, breast exams, you name it). I have to say, I'm most impressed with Clear customer service. Local phone numbers and humans are available and they will do anything to help.

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Jul 24, 2011
Canceling Cricket Auto Bill Pay
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Wow, that certainly sounds like a frustrating experience to say the least! It's so odd that Cricket told you that you have to cancel autopay online AND using your Cricket modem. That's completely absurd! You should be able to cancel it by talking to a sales rep on the phone. Also, accessing My Account on the Cricket website doesn't offer different functionality whether you're logged into your account using your Cricket modem, or ANY other Internet connection. Such odd direction, and makes no sense at all. Though I believe that currently you can NOT unenroll from Cricket Auto Bill Pay online at My Account. But talking to an agent certainly does work.

Perhaps a kind of irony is that while Clear gave you great service, including coming out to physically help you, they're on the verge of bankruptcy, and have been for awhile. It's kind of sad that companies that offer great service can't afford to stay in business...?! I'm being somewhat sarcastic here. They're not going bankrupt b/c they offer good service; it's due to a whole myriad of reasons. But it is sad that you got the best service from a company that is struggling so badly.

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