Cricket Prepaid Wireless Broadband Problems

by Darlene
(Newark, Delaware)

I recently trid the CricKet Broadband internet service via USB Modem. I spoke with a customer service rep. online and thought I covered all the relevant questions such as: no contract; rebates and pay as you go options. I was assured and reassured of the fact that I would purchase the item with my credit card, receive it with an instant rebate and choose the pay as you go option instead of having money taken out of my credit card automatically.

Well, the first month was great until I tried to choose an option. The service gave me all of my information but it would not allow me to change anything. I could pay online ahead of time with the same card that they were going to take automatic payment out of, but I could not do anything unless I upgraded or chose to add something. The computer site automatically generated a bill for me based on a month in advance as though I was under a permanent contract.

Surely, I thought this was a mistake until I found a Cricket store and went to them personally to take care of my problem. I was told that nothing could be done over the phone and that they would need to see me in person with ID. However, when I went there again, I was told that the computer would not let them downgrade to the pay as you go option and I could not cancel my service. I was then told that they would be making some changes in the very near future to allow for customer adjustments.

I decided that since they could only take money out of my checking card when there was money available, that I needed to cancel my card. Some months they got the money out and others they did not. Whenever I paid money willingly, I was always charged an additional three dollars as a service fee. This was even the case when I went to the Cricket store in person to make a payment (An additional $3.00 no matter what as a rule of thumb).

I am in the market for another prepaid broadband service that actually is telling the truth about no contracts. Also, when I went to the $40.00 less usage option (cust serv. let me do this in person to convince me to keep the service)it was neither slower or faster. It was the same as the $50.00 unlimited plan (with broadband there is a lot of buffering when you are online).

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