CLEAR Broadband Service Refund Policy Issue

by Gary
(Providence, RI USA)

Their service doesn't work; it's lousy. Their policy is that if you cancel service and return modem before 30 days you will get refunded. I paid $50.00. I then canceled and returned my modem way before the 30 day deadline.

On the first phone call I was told that I cannot return the modem to place where I bought it. That I had to call their main office and they will send me a return label in an email. I received the label and returned it. I was then told I will receive a refund thru a credit card of mine that I never gave them any info for. I never had this credit card that they were claiming that I do have. I reassured them that I've never had such a card, and gave them a number of a debit card that I do have. (I paid cash for the modem at the mall.)

Well this person assured me that I will be getting a refund. A week went by and NO REFUND.
Second call: After a very long struggle to get thru to someone, I had to talk to three people before I got someone that could help me. He sounded like he came from India, which is fine, however, I had a lot of trouble communicating with them. Well after a very long talk with him, and being put on hold, he told I will be getting refunded.

Third call: After a week went by and NO REFUND, I called again and again. After a long struggle to get someone, a man came on (the same man from the 2nd call). I told him I did not get a refund, and he assured me that I did in fact get a refund (I just called my bank before calling them, so I was sure there was no refund). After about 5 times being put on hold for a very long time, he came back on and told me that I was refunded (I then heard a bunch of people in the background clapping there hands). While I was on hold I called my bank again on another phone to confirm NO REFUND. I told him that I just called my bank again and there is no refund the account. He then told me that I will be getting a refund. That was last week, and I am giving up on the refund now.


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Jul 09, 2012
NO Complaints here NEW
by: Anonymous

Have used the Clear Broadband for 4 months now and the service is wonderful. NO complaints!

Nov 29, 2011
Clear is now ALL prepaid NEW
by: Anonymous

Clear is now completely prepaid. Wimax/4g only. No 3g Sprint roaming mode. $35 for unlimited prepaid low speed (3g/evdo equal about 1.5 mbps or less) and $50 unlimited 4g speed data.

Also, unlimited 2 hour, daily and weekly plans available.

Oct 05, 2011
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

Wow, your experience sounds extremely frustrating to say the least. The fact that they had your account associated with someone else's credit card sounds like the root of the problem. Probably what happened is that the refund got automatically processed to that "card on file" despite the fact that you told them that card wasn't yours and gave them your debit card number.

Typically a refund needs to go to the same payment device on which the payment was made. If the card or bank account is no longer available, the company will usually issue a corporate check. This is not always the case, but usually is, as it can become an accounting/reconciliation nightmare when a payment is made on one payment method and refunded on another. It does happen though.

What they should have done was to issue you a check or refund you cash in a retail store (not sure if Clear has retail stores?).

Anyway, because you paid with cash, you can't complain to your bank, so your only recourse is to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Corporations are legally required to respond to those claims, and even if you don't get things resolved, the record will remain there for others to read about your experience.

Hopefully things work you for you and you eventually get your refund; please let us know!

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