Beware Millencom Customer Service!!


After a few months with no problems, my usage started climbing at almost 1 GB per day with minimal usage (only email and limited web page surfing). After getting multiple reasons from the company for why this might be occurring (none of them feasible), I stopped using it entirely for a whole week and low and behold, the usage was still climbing at almost 1 GB per day. The company refused to replace my modem or credit me for the time I couldn't use the account, claiming that I might have used up my monthly allotment of 20GB by the middle of the month. In other words, they're calling me a liar when I report that I haven't downstreamed one video or downloaded any programs. And this after proving that the account use is climbing when it's not even plugged in! They have refused to take full responsibility for the problem and are still looking to scapegoat on my housemate who has her own Millenicom account. They claim this has never happened before. Well and good, but the fact that they refused my request for a replacement modem and won't credit me for any of the time I have been unable to use the account is deplorable customer service. Be aware that if you have any problems at all with your account or services, you will find yourself dealing with a company that does not want to take responsbility and has no respect for the customer.

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Aug 23, 2013
Millencom Worthless - Waste of Money
by: L Surbrook

Millencom is worthless. Not to mention that you only have 24 hours from the time the product is delivered to you to make a decision to keep or send back. If you exceed the 24-hour mark, no refund. We just purchased a few weeks ago; however, did not discover how slow it was for the first few days. We felt something was wrong the night we hooked it up, but thought we'd watch it for a few days. Within a few days, we realized it was no better than dial-up. Product Cost was $100.00. Setup was $49, and then we paid the $70 for the 1st month of service. $220.00 down the drain. It's a scam. They use the 24-hour mark to get away with it too. Do not buy this product!

Jun 04, 2012
slow data
by: Anonymous

Yeah I just left Millencom. I have been dealing with slow data speeds since August of 2011. I got all kind of runarounds from Millencom tech support. Fried two air cards trying to do updates with slow data but the tech rep insisted on trying the updates. I began talking to sprint directly and they said it was a capacity issue with my tower. After nearly a year of paying $70 a month for dial up speeds I had enough. I had sprint willing to give me a refund for my time lost but since I don't have all the account info that Millencom set up, the sprint rep couldn't give me a refund and Millencom refused to give me the info or a refund. I was told by a local sprint tech that they probably would fix the issue because sprint has over sold its tower capacity.

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