Are Smartphones SMARTER?

by akash

I am a guy who has used many smartphones of different brands and of different models. Nokia is providing a good variety of smartphones in the market which have good modern functionality, and are user friendly. As I have used nokia phones it's good; they have all the major technologies like 3G, wi-fi,GPRS, EDGE etc. Cameras on nokia smartphones are also amazing, which gives an excellent picture clarity. Network catch up of nokia smartphones is good too.

Blackberry is also introducing their smartphones in the market. Blackbery is quite good as compared to nokia. In my point of view, blackberry is a good smartphone; for example the Bold 9000. But the only defect in blackberry smartphones is that they do not have video calling. It's the only defect and it had pre loaded video players which supports most of the video codecs. But nokia does not have any player like that; we should just download it from the net in which most of the software will be out of the certificate. But for Blackberry it has the softwares for it.

There are many brands of smartphones which are available in this day to day market. There are many models like the most famous iPhone 4, HTC, Palm, etc. Most smartphones have the technologies for ms-word and
office tools which offers most reliable business class models. Many brands offer dual camera with video calling enabed handsets to the customers. Smartphone memory is different in different brands, like nokia offers 8GB memory card with e72 model and blackberry offering 1GB card with handsets like the Bold 9000.

Sony Ericsson launches many smartphone models like the p990i which is a good model, but its high prices puts most of the people off. Samsung B7320 is a good smartphone. Most of the smartphones have a high price so that people refuse to buy these kinds of phones.

I have some suggessions towards smartphone manufacturers that please make the phones which is user friendly and means easy to use. Memory is a good factor; a minimum if 2GB should be delivered with the handset. If the market wants people to prefer smartphones, they must be smarter, which means not just packing in the features, but having user interfaces that make them easy to use for non-techie people who just want things to work. That's why even though the iPhone is not the best or smartest smartphone out there, it's so simple to use that people love it. Other manufacturers need to keep thinking about the user experience and not just the hardware. Fancy phones doesn't make smartphones smart!

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Nov 07, 2011
Dumbing Down Android for Feature Phones
by: Anonymous

It looks like no matter what we think about smartphones being easier or harder to use (or not as smart for doing some tasks), smartphone operating systems are taking over.

Cricket announced recently that it's launching a feature phone with a dumbed down (i.e. simplified) version of Android. I suppose it's cheaper for them to start doing this than to continue working on upgrading and testing manufacturers' proprietary operating systems.

It will be interesting to see if it works out. I wonder if making a call (as was discussed) is made easier somehow, or if it truly will be Android with a bunch of missing features (like no Android Market). Hopefully they're putting some time and effort into it like Amazon has done with the Kindle Fire.

Jan 11, 2011
Smartphones Aren't Always Very Smart
by: PrepaidWirelessGuy

While I'm a MASSIVE fan of smartphones, and believe that before too long the majority of handsets sold in North America will be smarpthones, there are some issues that really make them seem to be NOT so smart at times.

Without getting into too many examples, the next time you pickup a smartphone, whether it's your friend's or at a store, try making a simple phone call. Seriously, on many smartphones, this is not an easy task, and often even onerous...seriously!

I have no doubt that this will improve over time, but it's fair to say that along with the flexibility and features that come with these phones, also comes complexity, and the "imperfect" world of more robust operating systems where things don't just always work the way they should. No doubt, as with basic feature phones, the industry will perfect this at some point as well.

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