Wireless Master Agent - Getting Paid!

Are you looking to become a wireless master agent?  With the right motivation and knowledge, although it certainly won't be easy, you can succeed!

How do I get paid?
There are different ways a wireless mater agent can get compensated, which can depend on where in the chain you are, the size of your business, as well as the policies and practices of different prepaid wireless providers.
  • Phones/Handsets
    • Wholesale - You'll buy the phone at a discount from the prepaid provider or someone above you in the distribution chain.  This is often referred to as a margin model.
    • Spiff - You'll usually get paid for each phone you activate.  Most relevant to the store level.  Note that sometimes a margin and a spiff will apply.  Sometimes the spiff can also be shared by different levels within the chain, or be used solely as a sales representative incentive.
  • Airtime/Replenishment/Topup
    • Similar to the wholesale model, you'll get a margin for each replenishment sale.  Note that some prepaid providers will pay different amounts for different products.  For example, you might get paid less for ePIN sales than for Real Time Replenishment (RTR) sales.  Airtime margins are usually shared between the different distribution levels, and mostly depends on the nature of your relationships.  Given the overall squeeze of margins, the dealer network has flattened to enable appropriate margins.  Too many layers result in margins that are too small to make it worthwhile.

Want to Sell Online?
After reading about becoming a cell phone distributor, some people will be excited about the opportunity, and feel that with the right motivation, you can be successful.  However, some people will come to the conclusion that you don't want to worry about the hassle of dealing with a brick and mortar business, and the often complex relationship management and operations that are needed.  But you still want to sell prepaid wireless phones and prepaid wireless airtime online!

The good news is that you can actually be an online wireless master agent using only basic relationships; i.e. no headaches!  With no lead time, and minimal to no out-of-pocket cost, you can easily sell online.  You'll basically put affiliate links or banners on your website, and when people click over and complete a purchase, you'll get paid a commission. Once your business gets bigger, and you want to invest some money, you can integrate these services right into your website, so visitors (i.e. potential customers) never leave your site.  While there are a number of options available to you, one that I like because it offers access to virtually every prepaid provider is PrepaidOnline.  Once you click over, you can signup to become a distributor or reseller.  As I said, there are other options for selling airtime and handsets; this is just one example.

Important Note! Although I say that selling online is simple and easy, there's one important thing to keep in mind.  That is, that you need traffic to your site!  You can easily signup to be an online wireless master agent, and even pay extra to have direct integration into your site, however, if you don't have traffic to your site, you're not going to sell much, or anything at all!  Starting a new site is like opening a store in the middle of the desert where there are no roads and no one is driving by!  In other words, the hard part is building a website that generates organic (i.e. free) traffic from the search engines (ex. Google, Yahoo!, Bing).  That's where all of the brains and work come in.  So, while selling online will replace the headache of the physical operations that a wireless master agent has to deal with, those are replaced by new ones of building a successful online business.  Also note that online commissions and margins, particularly for airtime, are often much lower than those who have physical stores and direct relationships with larger master distributors.  To read more about my story, and the tools I use to build free traffic to this site, please feel free to visit the About page.

Wireless Master Agent

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